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Gingrich on WWIV

Newt Gingrich sums up this article on the current direction of the West in this new world war by paraphrasing Churchill: ". . . we are not even at the end of the beginning. However, we may be at the beginning of recognizing that this will be a real war." He also includes a list of items he sees a practical and necessary steps for improving our odds in the conflict.

This list includes steps such as: the current system of schools under both Fatah and Hamas control have to be replaced in their entirety with a system dedicated to genuine education and to teaching human rights rather than jihad and hatred. Each of the other suggestions is equally daunting--which, of course, does not mean that they are any less true.

Gingrich’s article is premised on the assumption that it is our leaders who are wavering in this struggle--not the spirit or character of the American people as a whole. He gives what may be some cheerful evidence to support this claim. But, if true, this welcome news offers another task that is no less daunting than those he proposes at the end of his piece: such "leadership" must be replaced. The article does not suggest means to achieve any of these goals but it is a useful starting place for a discussion both of the goals and of possible means for achieving them.

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This assumes that "we" can somehow get greater control over what's taught in their schools than what's taught in our own.

It also assumes we have a right to dictate what is taught in their schools. There are those in this country as well who would like to dictate what Catholic schools can teach and what they can't--branding much of that teaching as "hate speech."

Well, David, such a thing was done in Japan after WWII.

But, what Hamas and Fatah teach is not about expanding the mind of its young, but to literally explode their bodies to kill combatants and non-combatants (the prefered target it appears).

Yeah, let's keep having that Palistinian education.

Just two years ago, over 60% of the American people favoured immediate air strikes against Iran. I recall Pat Cadell on Fox News expressing astonishment at those numbers, especially when the administration wasn't trying to play up the possibility of such strikes, but was trying to ratchet down the rhetoric.

The American people haven't lost their stomach for this war. They've lost patience and tolerance for the manner in which this particular President has chosen to wage his "war." I placed war in quotation marks not to express ridicule for what our troops are going through in the field. But to express complete contempt for the pusillanimousness of this President, this Secretary of State, this White House staff, this entire administration.

The people could be rallied once more to the war, rather easily too. There's just one problem, that would take some imagination, some savvy, some passion, some fire, and none of that can be found in this administration.

Peggy Noonan said it over a year ago: "The American people have tuned him out." And the reason they've tuned him out is because he trots out nothing but the same old, same old.

There's no passion in his soul, fire in his eyes. There's no thirst to close with and annihilate our enemies. A couple years back I said: "Whatever appetite this President ever had to close with our enemies is gone."

Who would dispute that?

The Iranians derisively and rightly mock him to the heavens. They blow up our troops, in short they trifle with the United States, leader of the free world, champion in arms of the free West.

And this pusillanimous President lets them get away with it.

And we're ALL going to pay for it, pay dearly too.

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