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Happy Birthday Frank Lloyd Wright, Mohammed, and Paul Gaugin

I’ll leave to to Rob to explain what those three share in common.

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Well, Mohammed's not a woman, so the two lady-loving artistos on his right and left can't be made common. But the sharia might someday (God and America forbid) straddle the world like cold Frank Lloyd Wright style extended hollowed out cubes, while the remaining Gauguins repair to left over Tahiti to cavort with the remaining au naturelle natives, Margaret Mead style. Can't be more opposite than that. Best I can do on the spur.

How many wives did each have? Technically, Gaugin only had one, left behind in France, but had "wives" in Tahiti. Wright had three wives. Mohammed had at least 11, so he wins this round.

Kate, you found the common thing! One forgets at times about Mohammed's wives. No lover he.

Also, they may each be called ego-centric, and have that in common as well. Each considered himself superior to most men and prophetic in his field.

How do you forget about Mohammed's wives? I always thought that was a central attraction of Islam to men. Though what is it Jim says in Huckleberry Finn about having many wives; was it that such a thing would be mighty noisy?

Ugh! Just the thought of an Islamic harem gives me the willies. Give me the American gal who seeks and wants my full attention anytime!

Maybe the antichrist is about all the mobbing and gangstalking that is going on. And the Navy buildings in San Diego that are shaped like swastikas. Look up Navy swastika to see pictures.

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