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Harry Reid Smackdown

Dennis Miller goes off on Harry Reid as only Dennis Miller can.

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Dennis Miller is my new favorite dinner companion--that is, I listen to his new talk show on KRLA Los Angeles as I finish cooking dinner every night. I think his show is wildly entertaining and delightful but, beyond that, there is something pitch-perfect in his no-nonsense approach to the issues that whoever does win the GOP nomination would do well to commit to memory and to habit. Miller is no rock-ribbed conservative in the ordinary or the academic sense. He is, for example, a big supporter of Guiliani's and his positions on the moral issues he might classify as preferences and less important or not directly tied to his politics. But Miller likes G. for all the right reasons and is simply unpersuaded by those who want to over-think the thing. He thinks Guiliani can win; he thinks the stakes are enormous (preventing a jihadi catastrophe and stemming the tide of creeping socialism) and that G. has the goods to do this. Essentially, I agree with Miller except that I would also like to do something to stem the tide of creeping moral degeneracy in the culture and laws and I suspect there might be a better candidate who can do that and also win. Miller is a decent American with all the right instincts and a tremendous sense of humor. Even if you disagree with some of his conclusions, you can see that he is not about pussy-footing around and you respect him. The GOP nominee should be required to listen to Miller in order to get a good sense of where his base is and how to grow it. Also, the importance of a sense of humor should never be underestimated. Humor, it seems to me, is the essential ingredient lacking in almost all of the candidates on both sides--with one undeclared exception.

Does anyone know if Miller's ever recanted his support for Perot, whom he backed in 1992?

John, I did not know that Miller supported Perot then--but it also does not surprise me. Perot support and Bush Sr.'s lack of attention to the things that drove it is precisely the thing that did him in. This is exactly why I think Miller's is a voice that should be heeded. I think he represents a crucial and important part of the base of decent but undeclared voters who have no respect or love lost on the major Dem players, but who also don't like the slick approach offered by many in the GOP. They don't trust strict ideological conservatives and they don't trust ordinary pols. They want a regular guy who tells it like it is and can stand by (and defend) what he says even if it's unpopular. Those are the votes we're after.

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