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Harry Reid says the failure of the comprehensive immigation reform bill is the President’s fault. Not surprisingly, this WaPo article more or less agrees with him. The President, this WaTi article says, hasn’t given up. And this NYT article suggests that Reid’s lukewarmness about the bill made it easier for opponents to torpedo it, at least in the short run.

The White House may make another push, though I think that the kind of bill that a significant number of Republicans (especially in the House) can support will not win favor with the Democrats. As Bill Voegli points out below, in the House especially, there’s nothing to be gained by letting Democrats off the hook. For me, the bottom line right now is that a successful revival of the bill is highly unlikely.

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The Kennedy-Kyl Amnesty Bill is a piece of treason. A third-world invasion of the West is taking place. You can either side with the third-world hordes, or you can side with Western man. We need REAL conservatives, those wanting to conserve Western man and his ancestral traditions, not fifth columnists siding with the third-world invaders. GW Bush has sided with the third-world hordes. He should be impeached, arrested and tried for treason.

JK, I hope you're right.

The failure of the Congress (and especially the GOP) to pass the immigration reform bill truly is treason; against our President. Whatever happened to loyalty? Regularization of Undocumented Americans is one of his top priorities, and we owe it to him to get something passed. We can't allow 12-20 people continue to live without full rights, while we haggle about technicalities. Our current system is broken, and any bill would be better than nothing.

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