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Israel’s Options passes along a report that Irsael may be planning an attack on Hamas in Gaza, but meanwhile, I had forgotten that Israel supplies electricity and water to Gaza. Noah Pollak sensibly asks whether Israel should shut it off. Seems sensible to me.

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All you neocons know your true loyalty: Israel. I was speaking to a friend a while back who for a while was a neocon while at the Univ. of Chicago. Anyway, he was asked to join in a "Cohen Ceremony" to prove his loyalty to the cabal, even though he was Christian. He was asked to spit on an image of Christ and say something to the effect that Christ is the false messiah and that the true messiah, as foretold by Jewish scripture, has not yet appeared. You people are a foreign element that has invaded and ransacked the West.

B.C., many Christian conservatives would agree with Mr. Hayward. Are they part of the neocon camp?

It would be kinder to the Palestinian populace for Israel to assassinate the terrorists, as Pollack also suggests. In the meantime, Fatah
might BE the government again. Palestine is such a mess. How awful to be them.

I remember well my first "Cohen ceremony." When we were finished we killed some gentile babies and used their blood to make matzoh.

Go screw yourself, you Nazi pig. Peddle your bile somewhere else.

British Conservative's comments are evidence that anti-Semitism and just plain old evil is running at a higher pace of late.

That "Cohen ceremony" story sounds ridiculous. But I remember being a bit shocked when I read Irving Kristol's autobiography a few years back. He just sort of casually mentioned that at Hebrew school they trained him to spit everytime he walked past a church.

If Isreal and America (forget Eurostan)intend to actually, I don't know, A WAR....then of course shut everything off. Otherwise, we'll end up with what has been there for the last 70 years and i the middle east for 1400 years.

BC you're not worth spit!

Steven wrote: I had forgotten that Israel supplies electricity and water to Gaza. Noah Pollak sensibly asks whether Israel should shut it off. Seems sensible to me.

That's a dicey move. It could easy be argued that's punishing everyone, not just the terrorist elements. You can be sure the moment Israel did that we'd see picture after picture of dark hospital wards where children lay sick, dirty, and suffering from thirst.

A more targeted strike is about the only move that could be defended.

Russell Kirk: Neocons have "mistook Tel Aviv for the capital of the United States." Neocons are the real enemy to anyone who loves the West. They should all be deported.

Don, that was what I meant in my second paragraph of #2. Shutting down basic supplies would make Israel the enemy, diverting Palestinian and international attention from the Hamas/Fatah mess. It wouldn't be helpful.

Kate, when Israelis merely breathe, the world sees them as the enemy. Breathing is an act of provocation for an Israeli.

Many have quaffed down the Kool-aid offered by the Arabs, and now subscribe wholly to their worldview. It's an amazing thing to see a citizen of Britain, Great Britain, mother of all parliaments, "Land of Hope and Glory," make common cause with the devotees of wahabbism, with the servants of shariaa, with the proponents of jihadism. In ages past, it was the Royal Navy that led the fight against the Barbary Jihadists, that made the Med safe for commerce. But now, having swallowed the offerings from the Arabs, they now turn against a fellow democracy, they now turn against a parliament, they now turn against the ONLY real parliament in the whole Mideast.

Let us attribute our British cousin's statements to a momentary confusion, due to the nonsense he's been getting from the British media, the BBC, the British educational establishment and the pernicious influences of a wider European culture. Let us hold out hope that he will come to his senses. He is British. They've a history of embracing foolishness for a time, Baldwin, MacDonald, Chamberlain, later Labour. But after a time, they always turn to a Churchill, a Thatcher. So let us not condemn too harshly this "conservative," for he's merely regurgitating what he's been spoon fed by British and European libs.

And if he should take off after us, after the United States, well, let us be indulgent to such a one. Let us be mindful of his father's father, let us be mindful of the beach landings, the mountain redoubts taken, the air battles fought, the trials endured, the victories won. If he is British, give him a pass, not for him, but in reverence to what was forged in fire, hallowed by blood.

The Especial Relationship.

Which we still revere, even if he, drinking the Kool-Aid, does not.

Dan, I think you are right. The other thread of thought followed above WOULD tend to confirm your take on the topic. I was told on another blog by a commenter that the current fighting between Hamas and Fatah is all the fault of Israel and the US because they stopped financial support. This caused the current turmoil. That commenter is a liberal and for him all of the problems of the world are the fault of the US or Israel. He casts the argument differently than B.C. and his "Real" Conservative compatriots posting elsewhere on the blog, but it would come to the same thing. If the interests of the US were just about oil and a temporary comfort, siding with Islam would make sense. But they would never accept us, really. And I wonder if sharia is really the Conservatives' choice, or the liberals'. It is a radical turn from democracy.

Anyway, the moment for stopping electricity and water to Gaza seems to have passed. Fatah is "in" again, and somehow the moderate choice. The mind still boggles at that.

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