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Kagan & Kristol, the latest installment

Here’s the latest TWS editorial on the progress of the war. They argue that the repudiation of al Qaeda by Sunnis is a sign that the latter are beginning to recognize that they cannot regain control of Iraq by violence. The violent al Qaeda response is an effort to persuade us to choose to lose a war they can’t win.

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Kagan and Kristol also said this war would be over by 2005. They are unreliable, as they are shills for Likud.

Too bad they weren't channelling Likud, for Likud never would have so mismanaged the occupation.

Kristol and Kagan have been consistent in their demands for additional troops. For quite some time too, they're not Johnny-come-latelys to the idea behind "the surge."

This administration, pundits, columnists, talking-heads, they're ALL too focused on events within Iraq. And they're not taking in as they should, the entirety of the battlespace.

We are at war against Iran, yet we're not responding. We pick up a few Iranian intelligence dirtballs in Iraq, and we make like that was some BIG event. Like "WOW, we're sending a message to 'em now...." This is ridiculous. This isn't war. This isn't even pretending to be at war. Marines are fighting and dying along the Iraq/Syrian border, yet this administration refuses to back up their efforts with a war effort worthy of them, worthy of their efforts, worthy of their sacrifices, worthy of their blood.

This feeble war effort turns my stomach.

If he intended to wage a "war" in this manner, then he should have told the nation as much prior to making a move on Baghdad. Because if he had, if he told the nation: "We're going into Baghdad, but thereafter, all I'm going to do is chirp about the peace process and the wonders of democracy," if he had told the nation that beforehand, the nation never would have signed off on his plan.

It was supposed to be a war of "phases." A real war, where enemies were destroyed, regimes removed, the wrath of the United States unleashed, cultures taught a lesson, jihad made to pay. That was supposed to be what it was all about. We would form coalitions of the willing when we could, go it alone when we must. But regardless, we would proceed from one terror sponsor to another, taking them down, one by one. That's what he told us. That's what he sold the country on. Hell, we barely got to phase two, and only then after a period of unseemly hand-wringing before the UN.

I didn't object to using military force for Wilsonian ends. But all along I thought for sure that the military force that would be used would be Jacksonian. He promised the nation and Congress that this wouldn't be like 'Nam. He's proven himself to be the Republican LBJ, {and not just in foreign affairs, but with this immigration bill, which is his version of "the Great Society," he's proving himself to be an LBJ clone domestically too}.

The Iranians are allowed to trifle with the United States and blow up American troops.

The Syrians too, chief lieutenant to the Iranians, are allowed to get away with murder and mayhem, not just in Iraq, but throughout the region.

The house of al saud funds muslim mayhem just as much now, as they did prior to 9/11. NOT JUST throughout the world, but IN THIS COUNTRY. There are MORE saudi students in the country today than there were on 9/11. All you can do when you learn something like that is throw your hands up in the air and utter WTF!

How can we possibly say that this is a war effort worthy of ourselves, worthy of Old Glory, worthy of everything we've been and meant.

We can't. We just can't.

We need a new President, a REAL President, a President who hungers to go after our enemies. And who won't tolerate a war of "decades," who won't tolerate this shit from shariaa states, but will make sure that it's all over, ALL over within a single term.

Dan: Terrorism should be solved via immigration policy, not the left-wing Wilsonian policies in the Middle East. If Iran and Israel want to blow each other to bits, let them. Who cares. It's not our concern. I wouldn't waste a minute of sleep over it. What is our concern, though, is when the U.S. becomes involved in some left-wing Wilsonian venture to transform the Middle East to liberal democracy. If we really want to end terrorism in the West (as we can't end it in the Middle East, nor should we even desire to end it there), then we should (1) withdraw from the Middle East, (2) end aid to all countries in the Middle East (including the terrorist state of Israel), (3) deport all Muslims from the West, and (4) end all immigration from the third world.

The mindset with which this Administration is waging war, both in Iraq and on our borders is revealed in these two current events:
1) two border patrol agents have been prosecuted and convicted for doing their duty "as they were trained to do do it",and
2) Marines are presently on trial for doing their duty "as they were trained to do it". Is it any wonder that we are losing the war on both fronts?

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