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Libby to prison

Scooter Libby will await the results of his appeal in prison. Judge Reggie Walton says that his hands are tied and, even if they weren’t, it wouldn’t be fair to lock up dangerous felons and let a well-conneted white guy, who happens to be no danger to anyone, go free, pending appeal (my characterization of his reasoning). The fact that he offers a second reason gives me pause about the first, but NRO’s Andy McCarthy agrees that, unfortunately in his view, the law doesn’t leave much wiggle room here. Everything now depends upon the appellate court: if it overturns Judge Walton’s denial of bail, then it signals that there’s a good likelihood that Libby’s appeal will succeed. If it upholds his judgment, then it’s very unlikely that the conviction will be overturned on appeal.

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One thing about the law and how it is enforced ... it is never about fairness.

Good. I hope he rots in prison, neocon Trotskyite scum. People like Libby are not Americans; they are a foreign element that should be deported. Fifth columnists like Libby think the U.S. should spend billions to defend the borders of Israel, but simultaneously support the open-borders, third-world invasion of the U.S. This is treason, plain and simple.

Real Conservative,

Libby is complicit in the deception that lead to the War, but that is not what he was being prosecuted for. This was a selective prosecution with a political motive. The "justice system" becomes a mockery when cases like this are pursued. Libby should be pardoned and in general Presidents should be more liberal (couldn't resist) in their use of pardons to curb injustices in the legal system.

I felt the same way about Martha Stewart, and I feel the same way about Giuliani's selective prosecution of Milken

Dan P: expanding further, how do you feel about Susan McDougal's imprisonment? Paris Hilton's? These are my litmus tests.

Paris Hilton isn't getting celebrity justice as Al Sharpton alleges. She is getting a celebrity screw job. (No pun intended.) Were she not a famous celebrity she wouldn't have gotten 45 days to begin with. Were she not Paris Hilton the judge and prosecutors wouldn't have cared that she was sent home for house arrest. The crazed and vindictive way the prosecutors rushed to have the house arrest over-turned and the way they threatened and second guess the Sheriff was shameless grandstanding. (Although the Sheriff was obviously politically tone death.) I don't think the original prosecution (DUI) was politically motivated, but all that has happened after the fact has clearly been worse because she is a celebrity.

I will have to refamiliarize myself with the Susan McDougal case to comment intelligently.

Does that pass your litmus test?

Yes, and thanks for dipping yourself in.

In Paris' case you're right, she is getting a raw deal but it is probably the first one she's ever gotten, and it's not illegal, just unusual. As for Mr. L, yes perhapse it's excessive. However, it's wartime and the man obstructed an investigation into treason. How do you define excessive in a situation like that?

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