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The next Washington Post installment on Cheney is out. No comment, save this. I have been dropping in on the Early Republic seminar offered by Steve Knott and Rob McDonald and have overheard some conversation about what the Jeffersonians thought about Hamilton and I must say that the WaPo’s (and CNN, MSNBC, etc.) attacks on Cheney are really quite mild in comparison. About the only thing he hasn’t been accused of is being a "whale to virginity" and devouring all the fry. Not so with Hamilton, of course.

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What I would simply like to know is how an individual who cites "Executive privilege" in one situation to maintain secrecy can then later make a credible claim to not be part of the Executive branch. I hope my "attack" here hasn't been overly severe!

Well, the Democrats are using their current power of the purse to lower funding to the executive office of the Vice-President and instead allow Mr. Cheney to rely on his budget as President of the Senate if he insists that he is not part of the executive branch.

I'm starting to think that strategy through... if the OVP isn't getting federal money, it will simply be forced to raise it elsewhere. Haliburton wants to expand the account into Iran, and with the appropriate kickbacks it could be made to happen. If we don't get off the VP's back, he'll order us into Iran.

Of course he'll do that if we leave him alone, so we might as well go ahead and cut him off.

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