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More Reid on Iraq

Because Gen. Petraeus doesn’t echo what the newspapers say and looks for signs of progress, Harry Reid, who knows so well what’s going on in Iraq, thinks he’s out of touch. In other words, Reid will believe Petraeus only when he says things that confirm the judgment he uttered back in April--that the Iraq war is lost.

This WaTi article offers some perspective: Reid is pandering to his base.

Update: For more on what Reid did say, didn’t say, or may have said, and on the bloggers who did or did not hear it, go here and here.

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Harry Reid is pathetic.

The illegal neocon war in Iraq is a joke. I was talking to a good friend of mine last night, a colonel in the Army, and he said that many of the officers are beginning to wake up. They are beginning to see that this war was waged not by Americans at all, and that it has nothing at all to do with the well being of the U.S. The transformation of the Middle East to liberal democracy is Jacobin, it's Wilsonian, but it most certainly is not conservative. This neomarxist utopianism ("regime change" comes from Marxism, after all) is the religion of madmen. Every single person involved with the Project for the New American Century should either be arrested and tried for treason, or should be permanently deported from American soil. Let them all go blow themselves up on the West Bank.

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