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Obama for VP?

Okay, I’ve regained consciousness. I see that Obama is backpeddling fast from a campaign memo charging Hillary with being "the Senator from Punjab," because it is supposedly offensive to Indian-Americans. I think it is evidence that he’s really running for the VP nomination, and doesn’t want to rough up Hillary too much.

Funny how George H.W. Bush’s 1980 complaint that Reagan was peddling "voodoo economics" wasn’t construed as offensive to Haitian-Americans. Times have changed.

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"Hillary Clinton was recently dubbed the “Senator from Punjab,” given her neoliberal ties to big business that is using Indian labor to drive down American wages, both via outsourcing and immigration. It seems that once again Camp of the Saints is quite prophetic. The marriage of big business and multiculturalism has hitherto benefited the neoliberals. They can declare war upon the American Middle Class but sell it as “multicultural” to appease the conscience of any potential objectors. Hopefully, this facade will wash away and they can be exposed for the frauds that they are, as this is a serious problem. A friend of mine was recently fired from his engineering firm, which fired all the Americans and replaced them with Indian H1Bs making 1/2 what the Americans were. From what I hear, this is happening all across America."

Absolutely. I want my pandering to corporate interests to be untainted by liberal appeals, thank you very much!

Just another sign that the leadership of the Democratic party has no interest in representing the American working class.

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