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Rushdie and Muslim rage

Salman Rushdie has been knighted by the Queen of England, etc. I suppose this could be a sign of distinction (and maybe even an honor), but the Muslim fury that it has unleashed, especially in Iran and Pakistan is a different kind of distinction (maybe not related to honor).

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I've an idea. Let's canonize Richard the Lionhearted. That should get 'em all worked up.

... you'd have an uphill fight with the church on that one. Richard was lucky he was born during the Crusading era, since demonstrations of sanctity (outside of armed pilgrimage) were not really among his strengths...

I read the Satanic Verses, and by the end I was convinced that death threats from exotically costumed fanatics were the only marketing that could have propelled Rushdie's readership beyond the author's immediate family. Nevertheless, he has been courageous in not backing down in defense of bad art and free expression.

You read it? I found it unreadable. However, MY sense of offense just lead to my returning the book to the library.

If Rushdie had "backed down" would it have made a difference as to the fatwa if "some groups have said it is irrevocable."?

I disagree with the proposition that Salman Rushdie deserves to be knighted (his books are terrible, and he comes off as nothing more than a snotty left-winger: Christopher Hitchens without the charm), but if the Brits wanted to, more power to them. It's a good thing that they ignored Mohemmedan "outrage" at this "offense". Frankly, who the hell cares if they are offended? We in the civilized world have got to learn to live by our own standards, not by the standards of these whining, ignorant bullies. In fact, I say we should all celebrate Sir Salman's knighthood by enjoying some Hot Cross Buns!

Perhaps Ashland University could posthumously offer Godfrey of Bouillon an honorary degree?

It could be presented by the Hugh de Payens Professor of Christian-Islamic relations.

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