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Shudder. . .

Idle thought for a Tuesday morning (perhaps this will be one of those SAT analogy questions someday):

President Hillary Clinton will be to Bill Clinton what Franklin Roosevelt was to Theodore Roosevelt.


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So are you saying that H. Cinton would usher an even greater level of progressive reform than B. Clinton?

Another reason to shudder. A columnist at the Columbus Dispatch raised this issue several weeks back -Hillary's smartest move would be to announce Bill as her running mate. I know, I know -the 22nd Amendment, but look at the language -isn't the unthinkable a odd possibility?

..And what was Mrs. Woodrow Wilson to her husband, President Woodrow Wilson?
The Wilson couple might be in a separate category!!


Steve, I am clueless. But I will add this: From Conrad Black's fascinating bio I will say that FDR's marriage to Eleanor was an even more difficult one for him than Abe's to Mary Todd. On this score our Bill is the very antithesis of honor and patience.

Steve, I'm waiting for a post from you comparing and contrasting the legacy of LBJ and the likely legacy of the other Texan President, George Walker Bush.

Just for starters, and to get the ball rolling:

1} Incompetent communication offices;

2} Fascination with massive social programs whose ramifications weren't studied and aren't known;

3} Both men were incapable of properly managing a war effort;

4} A vast disconnect between rhetoric and reality;

5} As LBJ called for "unconditional negotiations," GW has enacted a policy of endless and futile negotiation even though "red lines" have repeatedly been crossed;

6} An EXPLOSION of the federal budget, GW came into office with a federal budget of 1.6 trillion per annum, and he'll probably leave having DOUBLED that expenditure to over 3.2 trillion per annum, REPEAT per annum;

7} Both men left their Party weakened, divided, vulnerable to their political opponent;

8} As LBJ's policies resulted in the death of what you called "The Old Liberal Order," so GW's will result in the death of the Reagan Coalition that delivered victories and majorities to the GOP;

9} As LBJ's policies unleashed the radicals who soon took complete control of that party, so have GW's policies resulted in the unleashing of the Rockefeller Republicans, who very well may take complete control once more of the GOP.

Now those comparisons are just for starters. There are many more. Recall Rose Johnson, who said that her husband "never wanted to fight the Vietnam war," much the same be said of this President, who really wanted to go down as "the education President." It's no coincidence that he was in some grade school when the attack took place. That's the kind of Presidency that GW aspired to. A minimalist tenure, with some tinkering about the edges of entitlement programs.

As LBJ revealed himself to be temperamentally incapable of waging war, of carrying war to our enemies, so has GW in a way. GW REFUSES, pointblank refuses to allow our troops to follow their tormentors into Syria and into Iran.

As LBJ's war effort collapsed into incoherence, so is GW's. We're supposedly in a "war on terror," a hopelessly vague, misleading, thus pernicious descriptive. GW refuses to correctly identify the enemy, muslim mayhem, and the sponsors of muslim mayhem, of whatever sect, of whatever denomination, be they shiite, be they sunni, be they whatever. From this lack of clarity, incoherence has naturally flowed.

GW said that he would "make no distinction between terrorists and those that harbour terrorists." Again, another misleading statement, for muslim states don't "harbour" terrorists, much like our country could be said to "harbour" illegals. Muslim states AVAIL themselves of terrorism, of terror cells, of terror groups. And have done so since the inception of islam over a thousand years ago. Our war against those we described as "pirates" of the Barbary Coast, was really a war against North African muslim city states, whose typical way of war, theft, pillage, hijacking, captive taking, we were unfamiliar with, so naturally we branded it "piracy." When in fact, it was typical jihadist behavior. It was a war on muslim jihadism.

GW's stated policy however has NOT found reflection in deeds. The foremost sponsor of muslim mayhem on the Earth is Tehran. What target have we struck in Iran? What terror camp have we hammered? What Revolutionary Guard training facility have we pulverized? Iran's chief lieutenant, Syria, is fomenting terror amongst Palestinians, in Lebanon and in Iraq. What target have we obliterated in Syria? Which Syrian has felt the wrath of the United States?

This is JUST LIKE LBJ's refusal to properly hammer North Vietnam for it's insistence in conquering and subjecting the South.

Steve, why haven't you compared the haste with which the Great Society was drawn up and the clear haste with which Congress and the White House is dealing with this immigration bill?

This bill needs to be hammered.

I think an article from you, RIGHT NOW, on this subject, could well sway the discussion.

The Republican Party could well use an historic comparison between the Presidencies of LBJ and George W. Bush, and such a comparison, COMING FROM YOU, RIGHT NOW, could prove VERY HANDY for this momentous debate that is going on, which very well may decide the fate of the GOP for generations to come.

You know Steve, in the movie A BRIDGE TOO FAR, Lt. General Brian Horrocks, commanding XXX Corps, 21st Army Group, describes some of the problems his spearhead commander, Lt. Colonel "Joe" Vandeleur, Irish Guards, is going to be facing, that very day, as the Operation begins. And after he gets done giving last minute, all-important directions to the Colonel, he looks over at him with a twinkle in his eye and asks: "Do you think you can manage it?" The Commander of the Irish Guards, suppressing a hearty smile replies: "I've got nothing else scheduled for this afternoon....."

Well Steve, this immigration bill is the most important, most momentous piece of legislation probably in our lifetime. And like Operation Market-Garden, this bill was drawn up in haste, important information provided by intelligence was deliberately overlooked, and time is crucial, absolutely crucial. The impact of Market-Garden on the war would be great. And the impact of this legislation upon the future of this country, upon the future of the GOP will be even more so. If this bill passes, it will SURELY leave the GOP, within a decade or two, {perhaps sooner} incapable of seriously challenging for national office.

So that being the case, my question to you is a simple one: "What else is on your schedule, this afternoon?"

I knew that sounded wrong, it's not "Rose Johnson," it's Lady Bird Johnson. I think her real name was Linda, or Lucinda, something like that. It was LBJ himself who called her "Lady Bird." And his nickname took.

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