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Steve TV! On NLT!

Okay folks, here we go with a whole new concept for NLT: Videocasts. This is an experiment. Let us know if you want more of this.

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Well, maybe not THIS.

All kidding aside, let's see what else we've got...

Clever, even good. But I thought you were a real fat guy, but you're merely big!

Not fat; just "big-boned" in the words of the New York Times. Actually I'm back in training. . . sort of.

Whiz, bang, cool. I like it . . . but as Mikey said, "I'm not gonna try it."

Good idea. Well done. Do it.

Nicely done! You are pretty good at that, and I found that you are one of those people who sound like you write.

I vote yes!

Oh man. I don't know if I can handle conservative criticism through video. You can pack all your physical and verbal cues alluding to disdain and sarcasm toward everything liberal into these things. Typed words are one thing, facial expressions are another . . .

Heh. No, it was interesting. Do it to it.

great idea. interesting externality (i guess you would call it that) is to see what youtube puts up as recommended viewing once your video is done. looks like a rave from san francisco with the theme "no left turn" among other things. bad youtube! bad!

I do like it, and think that it would be good for some things. I think that if Dr. Schramm were able to do some of his podcasts like this or have some of the speakers we get in have their speeches recorded like this, it would be great.

However, there is a certain satisfaction I get from being able to read words myself and not just have people speak them to me.

Nicely done. Used JUDICIOUSLY it will be a nice add on.

the speech excerpts idea is very good.
the only drawback - i can read alot faster than i can watch video.
time is critical these days.....

I would prefer not to see this sort of thing at No Left Turns.

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