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Tax and tax liberals?

George F. Will notes what has happened since Ronald Reagan cut taxes 102 quarters ago and wonders if the Democrats are really serious about letting the most recent round of tax cuts expire. They could, as he says, send a new tax measure to President Bush and, I would add, wage the next presidential election on their economic agenda.

But why bother? It’s easier to vote no confidence in the AG and impotently criticize President Bush’s war.

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This argument, which is an old one of George's, fits in with his review of Lindsey's book above. If the Dems would affirm a growth economy, what was de dacto Clintonism anyway and common-sensical to boot, they could easily be the majority party, and George might be tempted to join them.

Would the Republicans then be left as the party of the common good?

The Democrats, and the liberals in particular, which are almost one and the same, have a different vision of what the United States of America is to be.

Look to Europe and you will see the designs of the Democrats and the future of America if the Democrats stay in any form or fashion of power.

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