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The Case for Giuliani Remains

The polls continue to show he would defeat Hillary and Obama.

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Good news is, he won't get the nomination.

Michael Barone has a prescient comment on the recent poll numbers on his blog. Trends are not good for RG nor for McCain, things are fluid, RG's support is national and generic, not specific to some important primary states. Much at this point seems to depend on Florida in RG's calculations. Michael thinks Fred could be a real threat there. Giuliani has made a strategic choice it would seem to rely on blue states and large media markets, or something like that. I am not as categorical as Lucas. I think he could do it, though as I've said, it would be big trouble for the party. Does Rudy really have in mind changing the coalition? (By the way, Kate and others, I added a long comment on FDR's statesmanship on the FDR prayer post below.)

This Yahoo/Rasmussen Poll shows that Giuliani would beat Clinton and Obama, but lose to Edwards. It also shows that Clinton is now trailing McCain.

It says that 47% of voters would vote AGAINST Clinton if she won the Democratic nomination. The poll is pretty much saying that the Republicans (at least with Giuliani) will win the White House-- but the Democrats still looked poised to keep control of Congress in 2008.

Newt Gingrich is predicting that the GOP will lose the White House if voters think that any of the candidates are portrayed as a continuation of the Bush Administration and Bush's policies.

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