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The Pill’s Creator Predicts New Twist in Creation

The Daily Mail runs this interesting interview/article where the creator of the birth control pill, Carl Djerassi, makes predictions about how conception will be handled 50 years from now. The article has this funny gem: Women, especially, romanticise the moment they conceived," he says, "but the truth is many don’t actually know. And besides, is it such a high price to pay for a healthy child born at a time that is right for the mother?"

That’s funny. Romanticizing the moment of conception? I suppose that is a very odd habit of us silly women . . . It’s nice that we have a sensible, rational man like Dr. Djerassi looking out for our frail, irrational mental health. Why didn’t we think of this defrosting alternative before? It’s so much more appealing than the old-fashioned way of conception. Rather like cooking dinner--though, of course, without the spice.

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Real men affirm the habits of you silly women (again). If anyone of science should be a villain this guy should be, but he can't rise to the level. The banality of evil is the consequence of the absence of luciferian heroes in the boring icremental advancement of material "scientific" mastery.

I keep wanting to speak to this, but cannot seem to find the words. It is horrible, but then I must be irrational in this as in other things.

There is this: I had my first child at the age of 24 and my last at 39 years. In physical terms, I was a more competent mother when I was young. It was easier to get up at all hours of the night, easier to keep the child from running into a street or do other deadly things. All of the energy it took to raise a small child was mine. Later, if my older children had not been there to help, I don't know how I would have done it. There's a reason grandparents are relieved to give the grandchild back; they are tiring little things! So if I can get past being distressed at the notion on "romantic " level, I still say Djerassi is a fathead to encourage old women to have children. They do NOT have what it takes.

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