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The RAF Bans Painted Pin-Ups on Planes

Why? To avoid offending women and the Taliban! Here’s an example of an allegedly offensive work of art, with manly Free Republic indignation directed against its censorship. (Thanks to Rob Jeffrey.) Does Lucy really symbolize the freedom we are fighting for?

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I will go this far in defending the RAF pilots' devotion to Lucy (and Lucy's apparent willingness to be the object of their devotion): Aren't women behind every war, and aren't women at stake in every war. Or do we now fight genderless abstract wars for genderless abstract "goals?" Or no wars at all? One does not have to be Ares seeking only to conquer and to bed seriatim the golden Aphrodite. One can be an ironic Christian or semi-Christian warrior with a good incarnative appreciation of the beauty for which you fight. Did the Luftwaffe put these things on their planes? Gotta be a sign of the good guys, Chaucer would be proud.

Lucy wouldn't "symbolize what we're fighting for" -- except for the fact that the enemy hate her. Therefore, she does symbolize what we're fighting for. It's a shame the RAF caved on this. These individually little things are adding up to defeat for the West. Not a pretty sight.

Today, we fight for and in sexist countries that have dim views on women and we, the West in general, are extremely politically correct, not willing to offend anyone or anything. I am surprised that it took this long for this to happen.

Lawler... "to avoid offending women and the taliban!" ... is that really helpful to the discourse? Equating all Muslims with the Taliban is like equating the entire military with Lyndsay England.

But let me play devil's advocate here - we're staying in Iraq to protect the Iraqi people. Why are we sticking our necks out like that for these pinup-hating terrorists?

'Cause if we don't fight 'em there, we'll have to fight 'em here. I don't want them people over here tellin' us we can't look at pictures of scantily clad women. We have the Christian Right for that.

And yet, Hal, the Christian Right will never, ever beat you for violating any of their beliefs, whereas the fundamentalist Muslim will and may possibly kill you in the process.

That is the distinction, not the similarity!

They'll put me in jail! Look, they just passed a law in Ohio putting all kinds of new restrictions on what can happen in strip clubs. I can't get a lapdance anymore! If I wanted the Taliban I'd go live in Talibanistan.

Again, not the same thing.

The Taliban beat you, cut your hands/fingers off, or killed you.

That is a far cry from being jailed.

Restrictions on adult style entertainment is not a new thing.

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