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This Father's Day, Give Dad the Gift of NLT

It has always struck me that Father's Day is among the most difficult of holidays to buy for. For Mother's Day, the right gift always seems clear, doesn't it? Moms seem to enjoy getting flowers--although my mother preferred her new dog--but do dads really yearn for another fish tie? This year, instead of giving your father something to collect dust in the back of the closet, why not give him something he can use everyday? For every donation of $25 or more to the Ashbrook Center made between now and the end of June, we will send dear-old-dad a No Left Turns mug. Just make your donation online, and we'll email you to see where you would like the mug delivered for dad (or, perhaps you want one for yourself). We'll also send a confirmation email to let your father know that you have a sense of Aristotelian liberality, and that the mug is on the way. And for those of you who strive to achieve the virtue of magnificence this Father's Day, for a $500 donation, I will personally take you and your father to lunch! So give your gift today . After that, take a few minutes to peruse the wisdom of our Founding Fathers in honor of Father's Day.
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$500 for my very own jovial Hungarian? Not a bad deal.

"Jovial" might be giving too much credit to the Hungarian.

Peter, how much are they if you just buy a mug?

500 dollars....hmmm I guess every man has his price, so does that make you a conversation whore?

I'm generally willing to talk to anyone who buys me a beer. Not only am I a whore, I'm a cheap one.

My father is long dead so Father's Day is maybe the easiest for me to buy for. You know that 6 year average age gap between men and women? Research into narrowing that is being funded by the necktie industry.

Clearly, Piker, you have never suffered through the torments of high heels and stockings . . . while attempting to hold a dirty toddler. Give me a necktie any day of the week . . .

Julie and Daniel, can we just say that we all have our crosses to bear?

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