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The new Summer issue of the Claremont Review of Books arrived in the mail today. It features articles by our own Peter Lawler and William Voegeli--to name just two luminaries in that esteemed journal. You can’t read any of it online yet . . . so just subscribe.It’s great to take along with you to read as you watch the kids in the pool (as I’ll be doing all weekend) and, with Elliot Banfield’s fabulous black and white illustrations, it’s sure to look good (even if you don’t).

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Claremont is just a neocon / Trotskyite organization that shills for globalism and Israel. These people support the third-world invasion of the U.S., are traitors to the U.S., and thus should be permanently removed from American soil. Deport them all to the West Bank.

I think somewhere there must be a random paleocon rant generator somewhere. Click on it and up comes a series of stock phrases, like "neocon/Trotskyite organization", "shills for globalism and Israel," "third world invasion of the U.S.," and "deport them all." Hours of fun!

It would be nice to think there was no real human, no person, behind these nasty, banal, seemingly endless and routine rants. Someone has to be behind these things and don't you wonder if that person actually says this stuff to real live people, suspected neo-cons, etc?

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