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Whew--Get a Load of This Guy

I don’t know this guy is, but this video wins the non-PC Award of the Year for blunt speech about Islam. Hope he lives at an undisclosed address.

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Clearly you don't know who he is, otherwise I doubt you would have been posting a video from such an adamant agnostic/atheist who actually takes pride in the UK's legacy of tolerance (with some obvious exceptions and complexities), says that the UK "bends over" for the US government, bashes Bush, bashes born-again Christians, bashes Catholics, and bashes...brace yourself...America (as in, The United States of). "Blunt" seems to be central to his schtick, but I'm sure people might use a less favorable word than blunt if they disagree with what he's saying. You can see more of him here, here, here, and here. I would love to see Joe Knippenberg's (or any NLTer's) response to some of those!! Actually, if it's NLT that's giving out the "Non-PC Award of The Year" then I'd guess that any of the other videos would definitely beat out the run-of-the-mill, standard-issue, Hitchensesque critique of Islam for being the most un-PC. Those are the views that are politically incorrect in NLT-land. (OR did "politically incorrect" cease being a meaningful term long, long before Bill Maher used it for the name of his show? I'd say it did.) His undisclosed location would serve him well, too, if the FBI or Secret Service find out about his idea for using a mallet to hammer a Bible up GWB's rear.

I hope no one here starts making videos of themselves reading their essays, like this guy has done. Whether I agree or disagree with what's being said, it strikes me as silly and pointless to commit it to video. Is there anyone who can watch more than 2 minutes of Jonah Goldberg talking over his Colmes-equivalent whatshisname, and stroking his beard, over at NRO's Corner? This guy really isn't any easier to watch.

Hell, he could be a queer for all I care. As long as he hates them turban wearing freaks that's good enough for me.

Hal, I used to believe you were real (as in a real, right-wing conservative), but now you're sounding just too much like the worst, most simplistic stereotype of a right-winger to even be believed. Maybe you're joking (minus the laughs)?

Go pound salt you hippie freak.

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