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Cafeteria libertarians

Jonah Goldberg responds to what he calls "The Brink Lindsey Project," also discussed here and here. He notes that the most that can be said for liberals is that they’re cafeteria libertarians (my infelicitous expression, not his). And I wouldn’t want conservatives to be any more than that either.

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The BK conclusion is that capitalism has fulfilled the Marxist prediction--we left the realm of necessity and entered the realm of freedom... That libertarianism and Marxism share the deep thought that religion and government will wither away with the overcoming scarcity is an irony lost on both of them. And neither seee that if they were really right our humanity itself, as Kojeve says, would away. But, thank God, they're wrong and people are in some ways more puritanical, prohbitionist, and paranoid than ever. On this, see the essay in my STUCK WITH VIRTUE--"Communism Today." There I predict, in effect, that someone would write a book like BK's about "the emerging libertarian consensus." BK's book is actually very good and very instructive.

By BK I meant BL

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