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Diversity and social capital again

Reader Rob Driscoll sent me a link about Robert Putnam’s research on diversity and community, first mentioned here.

Turns out that, in addition to the John Leo piece I noted earlier, there have been three other articles on Putnam’s research, one in the NYT, one in the Guardian (U.K.), and one in the Portland Oregonian. All represent in varying forms a hopeful take on the ultimate effects of diversity, whatever its short- to medium-term diminution of social capital.

I’ll have more to say about all this when I’ve read Putnam’s article, now that I have a link to it.

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Once we start talking about "ultimate" effects, we essentially leave reality behind and enter a fantasy world. Who knows what the "ultimate" effects will be. If the short- and medium-term effects are as serious they seem to be, the discussion of "ultimate" effects is metaphysical in nature, not political and not politically relevant.

This is slightly off topic, but have you seen the Goldberg immigration article?

All I can say is "Wow!" He is saying what paleos have been saying for years. Is this a seismic shift?

All represent in varying forms a hopeful take on the ultimate effects of diversity,

The NLT position on "diversity" is the same as that of the Guardian and the NYT? Who would have guessed?


I don't see how you draw that conclusion. For one thing, there is no single NLT position. If you want to discuss my position, I've given you ample evidence in other posts than I'm not a racialist, nor do I think that ethnicity is all. Both positions are inconsistent with both American and Christian principles, as I understand them. (I do not think that American and Christian principles are identical, by the way.)

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