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Europeans explain

Why Europe and not the U.S. experiences more terrorism. Two points worth noting:

Karl-Heinz Kamp, security policy coordinator at Germany’s Konrad Adenauer research center, said it is easy to understand why.

"The U.S. has a historical advantage; America is still the land of opportunity to the whole world. The people moving there believe the American dream of social mobility," he said. "In Europe, we’ve historically treated our immigrants as hired help, and waited for them to finish the work they arrived for and go home."

Bob Ayers, a security and terrorism expert with London’s Chatham House, a foreign policy research center, said that because immigrants to the U.S. can become Americans, the nation has a huge advantage in avoiding homegrown al-Qaida terrorists. Europeans encourage immigrants to retain their native cultures, causing them to be ostracized more readily.


Magnus Ranstorp, chief scientist at the Swedish National Defense College, said U.S. efforts to track down everything involved in terrorism, particularly funding, have made it very difficult to operate in America.

"The United States is so difficult to crack, they have to have established operatives living inside the country to be effective," he said. "To date, they haven’t shown themselves. The truth is, while it’s not the al-Qaida Great Satan, Europe is a much easier place to move around."

It’s not a long article; read the whole thing.

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So the US avoids terrorism because people assimilate better, or because we're more aggressive at fighting terrorists?

A correct answer is critical.

Or maybe terrorists have more to fear here because they think (know?) the native population is full of gun-totin' right-wingers.

The irony is that you can be a more tolerant country when you're also able to get very aggressive when need be. Stifle that natural human response and your country is toast.

You know, if assimilation helps avoid terrorism, then it would behoove us, the United States, to actively work towards that goal.

Right now, it appears, we are more working towards having 'hired help' who keep their own cultures intact instead of blending in.

The suggestion that America does not experience muslim terror like Europe because of economic opportunity doesn't fly. Such opportunity exists in Europe. We would love to delude ourselves that the European welfare state has led to the problem of disgruntled muslims, taking up the cause of jihad. That would be ever so comforting. The truth however is disturbing, jarring, unsettling, unnerving. And thus we run from it, lest we be accused of things we would rather not.

The only thing that has spared us heretofore is their want of numbers. That's it. There are less than several million muslims in this country. Whereas in Europe, Mohammad is already in certain places the most popular name for newborn boys; whereas in Europe certain famous cities, with illustrious names and histories, are already muslim. Already Europeans are fleeing the cities. Go read Mark Steyn if you don't trust me. Read him. When the great Professor Bernard Lewis was asked recently what would the future have in store for Europe, the great Professor did not mince words, he didn't provide some rosy scenario, he simply blurted out the ungodly truth, "Europe will be islam within a hundred years." Just 25 years ago, Europe was effectively muslim free. But foolishly they allowed in scores of millions of those who are members of a creed that has been the greatest threat to Europe and to European civilization. Those that devised the policies knew themselves to be beyond the claims of religion, so they projected their post-modern attitudes on to those that would invite in. It's as Oriana Fallaci described it, "it was the story of the ages," but nobody reported it. And now they have the honour killings, the gang rapes, the terror plots, the "persons of interest," the activities of "the youths," the evil in their midst. But beyond all of that, they have THE FEAR, THE DREAD, THE DREAD OF A EUROPE THAT IS MUSLIM.

Once this dear country suffers the same calamity, of having that many muslims in our midst, we will surely experience what Europe has known over the last several years, crime waves, rape sprees, gang rape, gang rape sprees, "tournante," violence, honour killings, female, genital mutilation, intimidation of non-muslims, forcing non-muslims out of neighborhoods and of course, terror, or more specifically, "razza," which means jihadist terror. And we will experience the demand, THE DEMAND for dual jurisdictions, one for us, one for shariaa.

You say "NO! It couldn't happen here! We're too enlightened for that." It's happening in London. The very birthplace of the Anglosphere, the very birthplace of Anglo-American law. It's happening there.

But if an anecdote is required, allow me to inform you then of the events of a week ago, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The very county where upon a time, General Washington crossed the Delaware to attack the Hessians in Trenton. A county that has featured prominently in our Revolutionary past, and now, because we allowed the muslim in, now experiences attempted honour murder. Just a week ago, a family tried to murder the boyfriend of some muslim girl. They tried to haul him into a Ford Explorer, and they got him into the back of the SUV, but they let a window open, where the guy immediately jumped out and started sprinting for his life. They followed with baseball bats. When the local news came to ask the family for a comment, they were bluntly informed that it was a "family matter" and that they should stay out of it. That's what the future holds for us, if we don't stem this foolish insistence that islam is just like Christianity, just like Judaism, just like Sikhism, just like Shintoism. We have to embrace what our fathers embraced, good ole' fashioned common sense.

We have only our good luck to thank for the fact that we haven't experienced that litany of muslim horror that has descended upon all of Europe. Not a week goes by in France, without some Church getting ransacked, getting sacreligiously attacked. Not a single week. But you don't hear about it on the media, now do you? You don't hear about it on the news. Ted Koppel isn't likely to do a special on the incidence of muslim mayhem in Europe. It isn't frontpage fare for the paper of record, The New York Times. Because the truth could so easily be misunderstood, by all of us, the great unwashed. If we all went to Davos of course, then we'd get it. Then we would share the wonderful, radiant vision of that future society where all religions blend easily. But until then, the truth needs to be cautiously veiled, so to speak. And of course our elites are more than eager to select which news is fit for us to ponder.

But it's happening. Day after day, night after night. Entire areas of Europe are already "no-go areas." Anecdote after anecdote could I relate for you. But it's all out there for you to find out for yourself, without taking my word for it. Don't believe me. Please. Don't let my words sway you one way or the other. Find out for yourself. Europeans are beginning to blog. And they've tales to tell. Their authorities are trying to stomp them out of existence. The blog "The Brussels Journal" has felt the heat of the law coming down on them. And for what reason? They dared to question the wisdom of the new EU, to be sure, but beyond that, they started posting some unpleasant details about what's going on in muslim communities in their midst. Szarkozy is already beginning deportations, not just of recent illegal immigrants, BUT OF LEGAL IMMIGRANTS, who've already acquired French citizenship. Even those, the French are already starting to deport. And what's more, Szarkozy is establishing a quota for deportation. Each month, each department has to meet certain numbers of those being uncermoniously tossed from the Fifth Republic. Is he a barbarian? Is he a racist? Is he a member of the great unwashed?

If we don't take immediate action to prevent the movement of a similar number of muslims to these shores, we will surely share the fate of Europe. Recall, there was no plebiscite in Europe on the question of admitting scores of millions of muslims. The elite didn't ask ordinary Europeans to pass on the prudence and wisdom of their plan to transform the face and culture of Europe. And our governing elites aren't likely to ask us whether we should admit tens of millions of muslims over the next decade and a half.

We have to stop this delusion that our American creed is strong enough to overcome the 1,300 hundred year history of islam and jihad. It's an indulgence, a foolish indulgence.

How many European women have been gang raped and tortured because of that kind of governmental foolishness? How many Western women will have to suffer for the cultural self-loathing of Western elites? For the callousness of Western bureaucracies?

I'm sure for some it all seems a bit over the top. But they haven't seen photos of women after being gang raped, as I've seen. They haven't seen the photos of countless Churches that have been the object of attack of muslim "youth." They haven't read the testimonies of those that have been intimidated and forced from their homes, because of threats, the homes of their fathers, all because they weren't muslim. They haven't read the horror stories of those that survived attempted honour homicides.

You want to remind me that there are "decent muslims." Yea, ....................................... so what's your point? Don't you think I know that? Don't you think that occurred to me? We're not talking a family here, a family there. We're talking a social transformation without precedent in Western history. THAT'S what we're talking about here. We're talking about the prospect of an America "ALONE" as Mark Steyn described it. Which of us would suggest so awful an outcome as humane, as benign, as desirable?

How many know that in Germany, hundreds of people watched a young woman hanging from her apartment balcony, high in the sky, and instead of help coming to pull her back in, men came to pry her fingers loose, so as to send her to her death. The death that they intended all along. And they succeeded in forcing her to plunge headlong towards her death. But they made a mistake, she hit the roof of a garage, which served to break her fall somewhat, so she survived. Though of course, horribly mangled. That's what's going on in Europe today. And Europe never knew that before, because they always had the good sense to stay clear of islam. But that simple sanity, that simple sense of self-preservation they've tossed aside, as a purported racism of their past.

Sweden never knew rape as a problem. Rape was so infrequent, so unheard of, that it's incidence wasn't even kept as a crime and social statistic, because it simply happened so infrequently. But now, Sweden doesn't just know rape, they know gang rape. And of course, we all know who is performing the gang rapes, who is doing the evil, and we also know who are the victims.

Which of us would be so foolish as to suggest that we should emulate Europe's vast social experiment?

It's as I said, I've seen the photos. And they're not something you're likely to ever forget.

I recall a line from Solzhenitsyn's great work, The Gulag Archipelago, which was a saying about the GULAG, heard during the years of Stalin: "Those that haven't been there ............................ will get there yet. And those that have been there ................... WON'T FORGET IT!

How many will have to suffer before we give up that childish fantasy about multiculturalism?

Mega-dittoes, Dan. All the talk about the "American creed" and American exceptionalism is secondary. The social facts you're citing are primary.
There is no political science, and no political philosophy, without a close grappling with the hard social facts.

The solution isn't to just keep the Muslims out (and, of course, when you say Muslim, you mean Middle-eastern Muslim, right?). That won't solve anything. It's an ideological conflict and that's what we should be focusing on more. Those same people who advocate multiculturalism are also (typically) the ones who also advocate secularized government and (oftentimes) fight to ideologically counter (or even destroy) absolutist religiosity (like Islam).

The bottom-line is that somehow, some way we have to end the ridiculous extremism of Islam (or, Islam itself). You can't kill it or isolate it. You can't "keep 'em out" (I mean, you could keep out people who come from predominantly Muslim countries - but you can't "test" for an ideology . . . Well, I guess you could have spit on the Qu'Ran before they enter America or something stupid like that. That seems a little medieval and undemocratic, though). We have to meet them on their REAL terms - ideological terms - and destroy it. Or, in the least, kill it to the point of "your religion now fits into the ethical / rational box our democracy has established as safe . . . No more listening to your god. Time to listen to 'reason'". No more Kierkegaardian "leaps of faith." That's what happened to Christianity after its own internal (and largely external) ideological struggle.

Maybe (dare I suggest) we should stop shouting about who's god or country or way of life is "better" and start dismantling any such silly and alienating claims which seem to suggest a moral worldview taken from some absolute authority outside ourselves, our experiences, and the communities we live in (starting, of course, with the ones that do the most alienating - the ones that kill people - *cough* Islam *cough*). And please - no claims of a collapsing society without absolutes. There are a bajillion (literally, a bajillion - I counted) ethical and legal systems promoted by different contemporary political theorists void of absolutist ideology (many actually relying on such a void).

So, totally. The real fantasy is pretending that we can just get rid of them (the people) without getting rid of it (the ideology).

Wow. I actually typed "So, totally." It really is three in the morning.

"The only thing that has spared us heretofore is their want of numbers."

Yep, a local (of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas) Islamic cleric stated almost those very words to Rod Dreher of the Dallas Morning News. Those words were from a meeting the local clerics just had to have because Dreher criticized a symposium that was held by Muslims in honor of the teachings of Ayatollah Khomeini.

Mingus is correct in that it is the extremism within Islam is what needs to be countered.

How? I don't know. Also, in my opinion, Islam, at least for now, tends to tolerate more extremist versions of itself.

We should at least halt the movement of muslims into our country during the pendency of the conflict. At least do that. All we need to do is stop and observe what's happening in Europe. That's all. Conservatives respect past experience. We don't brush aside uncomfortable facts because they don't fit with a pre-existing social or political construct. That's what liberals do. And that's what we're seeing play itself out with the West's foolish infatuation with moral relativism and multiculturalism.

All we have to do is declare a moratorium of muslim immigration, and all immigration from the Mideast. Then simply watch closely what's going on in Europe over the next two decades. That's all. Simply watch, observe, listen.

Trial and error. Europe has tried, and we can and should learn from their error. Which will surely prove to be the greatest error in European history. For it will spell the end of that history, or rather more precisely, it will spell the end of the "European" dimension of that history.

It's almost as if Europeans were collaborators in their own dhimnification.

We see what's happening, but we don't allow our mind to wrestle with the facts, because they lead to uncomfortable conclusions.

People like Steyn, Lewis, Fallaci and Yeor describe what's going on, and what the future will consist of if we don't change the path we're on, but their voices we shut out, because their voices don't mesh with the politically correct platitudes of our time.

We know that islam is the most intolerant religion in human history, all of muslim history bears witness to that sad, sombre and solid fact. But we won't say as much, because to do so might seem "judgemental," culturally assertive, particularist, ethnocentric.

The West never before allowed islam to gain a foothold in Western Europe. Never. And the foothold that islam procured by the scimitar was expunged. In Spain, Austria, Italy, Sicily, Corsica, Sardinia, Crete, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and in the Ukraine. Greeks only battled their way free of muslim oppression in the 1840s, AS RECENTLY AS THAT! And now Europe, dismissive of their own history of subjugation under the muslim, now invites their past tormentors in. What insanity! It took CENTURIES to reclaim Western lands, it took centuries for the Spanish to drive the muslim out. Why is the West trying to undo those achievements of long ago?

It's an amazing thing that a creed, a "religion" that has a well-developed political, philosophical and sociological scaffolding all about it, all of which is unsightly and pathological, objectively pathological, is allowed to advance in the most tolerant, successful society in human history, all because those that should raise their voices against it are frightened of being accused of racism. When islam has nothing to do with race. And the criticism of islam has nothing to do with race.

Communism had a body of beliefs, a creed. It had a record, a track record. And we pointed out its flaws, and we exposed the folly of that creed. We need to conduct the same strict scrutiny of islam that we conducted with other totalitarianisms, such as NAZISM and Marxist-Leninism.

Is that so much to ask?

I am a cop, I understand everything about being judgemental.

Thing is, while I can't quantify it or source it, my gut tells me that most of the United States of America is close to being as judgemental as I am.

I'm a Conservative. On this issue, everything tells me to be cautious.

Just 25 years ago, Europe was effectively muslim free. But foolishly they allowed in scores of millions of those who are members of a creed that has been the greatest threat to Europe and to European civilization.

200 years from now, if there are still any "Western" historians left, how will they exlain the multiculturalist fanaticism that gripped the West in the latter part of the 20th Century? Will it simply be a continuation of the general craziness of the century - communism, national socialism, and this?

We of the West are in the hardened grip of a fanatical ideology that is imposing it's entirely untested "solutions" on our "problems."

You know, if assimilation helps avoid terrorism, then it would behoove us, the United States, to actively work towards that goal

Assimilation goes two ways. We want immigrants to assimilate not only when we want to bring them into our culture, but when we feel like their culture has something to impart to us, as well. Why would anyone want misogynistic, intolerant, cousin-marrying Muslims to assimlate with us - it would mean that we would have to embrace part of that culture. I don't welcome the crazy or dishonest stranger into my company - I keep my distance.

Muslims in Europe are flexing their muscles. They look at the demographics and they know they are the future - and they're rubbing it in. They feel there's nothing we can do - nothing we will do.

If we don't take immediate action to prevent the movement of a similar number of muslims to these shores, we will surely share the fate of Europe.

I am past the typical age of military service, but no less than 100 times since 9/11 I have given serious thought to military service. It would be a hardship for me in so many ways, but I've considered it because I'm a patriot.

But I cannot and will not serve a country that fails to defend itself by doing such simple things as securing its borders against the enemy. Does George W Bush really not understand how much his open borders nonsense undermines his national security rhetoric?

It's mystifying.

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