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GWB at the center of the storm

This long WaPo article offers a nuanced portrait of a President not as out of touch and incurious as his critics say. If I didn’t know about this, I’d say his tranquility is amazing.

I should note that some of what the article tells us is old news to readers of NLT.

And finally, one of the authors whose book receives a plug in the article has an op-ed in today’s Post. I leave it to better Churchillians than I am (Hayward and Schramm, your offices are calling) to respond in detail, but I confess to being unpersuaded that GWB is more like Neville Chamberlain than like WSC. At the very least, Churchill’s emphasis on multilateralism had a substantial military dimension, recognizing the military resources that could be marshalled through cooperation. How many countries currently not contributing to our military efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan actually have something substantial to contribute?

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If you're unimaginative and passive, it's easy to be tranquil.

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