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Heather had two mommies...and a daddy

Elizabeth Marquardt explains how this is problematical, as if you didn’t already know. Here’s the opinion in the case, in which an appellate court fashions a remedy it acknowledges ought to be created legislatively. Here’s a summary of the case that’s helpful in sorting things out.

Update: Stanley Kurtz has more, with links to his previous posts on this case.

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The best argument against gay marriage is a very simple one: "If two men, then why not two men and one woman, two women and three men, etc.?"

Yes, why not? I fail to see the argument.

As for the legal issue: messes like this are inevitable as our world adapts to radical new technologies. There are no right or wrong answers, we just need firm and prudent ones. Are sperm donors responsible for child support or not? It's simply a matter that needs a strong legal precedent.

As far as child welfare goes, I have no concerns simply because I've never seen a government program do much to help or hurt a child. Many children have already grown up in "3 parent" households -- and no one recoiled in horror when they saw "Full House."

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