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Hillary Won’t Have to Pick Obama as VP

...and so she won’t. She is confident, this author claims, that she will get the nominaton and win the election. And she won’t face the pressures other nominees have to pick someone she doesn’t really like or respect. So she’s attacking him now to make the dissing go easier later. I disagree only insofar as I think Obama may well make the fight for the nomination pretty close, and we’ll see what happens if there are lots of his angry-but-nice-about-it delegates at the convention.

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There isn't enough oxygen for Oprahbama. In a field of white men, he could stand out sufficiently to become the front-runner. In a field led by a woman, he merely wins the "Magic Negro" award -- e.g., stratospheric lecture fees. The Democratic base's craving for identity politics is satisfied by supporting the first woman candidate. Of course, Barack could win votes by having substantially different politics from Shrillary. But he doesn't, so he won't.

Kornacki's column is a good analysis of the situation. He's right: Hillary will have virtual carte blanche to name her running mate. She might choose Oprahbama, but she won't have to.

It's as I said in another thread about the obama mirage: Hillary is not going to select him. For the reasons that follow in no particular order:

1}Obama would capture too much of the limelight, too much media coverage, all of which would tend to dwarf and minimize the head of the ticket;

2}Obama is a minority, Hillary is already pushing the outside of the envelope by being a woman seeking the White House, adding a black man to the ticket, {who has certain shady muslim interludes in his formative years to boot...} could be too much for America to handle, and Hillary isn't going to risk losing because of obama, {she's come this far; she's this close; why blow it now with obama?};

3}Obama delivers no constituency that Democrats need, nor does he shore up a constituency that Democrats are in danger of losing;

4}The selection of Obama does not provide additional Electoral College votes for the Democrat candidate, Democrats already control Illinois; and lastly

5}The inexperience factor, a Hillary and Obama ticket makes that of Clinton/Gore look downright seasoned in comparison; Obama is a single term Senator, with no resume behind him, and Hillary rode the coattails of her husband to the Senate, {but she's only in her second term}.

A Rudy/Duncan Hunter ticket would make the Democrat one of Hillary/Obama look like the unready, unseasoned, {unserious...} one that it truly is. The Democrat candidate is ALREADY going to have a problem dealing with Rudy's hefty resume. Picking Obama ONLY HIGHLIGHTS that resume imbalance all the more. Dukakis balanced with Bentsen. GW balanced with Cheney. Hillary easily could balance with a Biden. But it won't be Obama.

For Obama, it's now or never.

I still really think that Bill Richardson is going to be Clinton's VP.

Richardson makes a great deal of sense. HOWEVER, in light of the recent immigration fracas, selecting an Hispanic might be risky. It might be taken as a signal that once in power, amnesty is going through. And the Democrats don't want to send that signal. If they send it, intentionally or not, it will be the Democrats who get blown out of the water come November, '08.

Before that tumultuous immigration battle, I was sure it would be Richardson as the VP. But now........??? I don't think so.

Hillary has a huge resume imbalance. And furthermore, she's no real experience, except sitting through committee hearings in the Senate. She needs to do something to address that, so I see her reaching out to a Biden. Besides, Biden voted for the war; so he'll be seen as a responsible Democrat, as opposed to Obama, whos's embraced the Deaniacs.

But we will surely see.

I'm beginning to think the legacy for Clinton would be for H! to select him, William Jefferson Clinton, as Vice President. If you get one you get them both and it would be a "first time".

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