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HRC’s faith

This NYT article offers an extended account of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Methodist faith, which seems to focus on forgiveness and social action. The one Bible verse mentioned (the reference to James, "faith without works is dead") was a staple of the 2004 Kerry campaign. And the talk about forgiveness seems to come at the expense of talk of sinfulness and human limitations.

In other words, HRC is very much the candidate of a religious Left inclined mostly to challenge us to be more "generous" in our social policy. No surprises here.

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In other words: yet another new form of religious fanaticism. I'm sure this one will do us as much good as all the other kind have done.

If I take a dollar from my pocket and give it to a homeless man, that's charity. If I take a dollar out of your pocket and give it to a homeless man, that's theft. But the government manages to do even worse: it takes a dollar out of your pocket, gives $0.70 to the homeless man, and keeps $0.30 for itself.

Craig, worse still -- the government takes $1.00 out of your pocket. It then subtracts the $0.30 (or more) in administrative and bureaucratic costs. It then takes the $0.70 and rather than giving it to the homeless man, it spends the money in very inefficient ways on various social programs that are supposed to help, but in reality don't.

So the $1.00 comes out of your pocket and a nickel get to the homeless man. And hundreds of liberal bureaucrats congratulate themselves on making a difference.

Good point, Don.

Assume 50 million people in this country are living in abject poverty. So the government gives each of them $20,000. Annual cost: $1 trillion.

Granted we're not spending quite that much on the poor right now, but if we did it still wouldn't solve the problem, it's make it worse - and everyone knows it.

Today, in this country especially, the problem of poverty is more spiritual in nature than material, and yet government makes little effort to address that.

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