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I’m with Bill Kristol on this.

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The mentality that rushes off to cut deals with Kennedy, with the Democrat leadership and a few Republicans that go along for the purposes of enjoying media acclaim, isn't the kind of mentality that can be counted on to exhibit long term constancy.

Sometimes war requires a certain bloody-mindedness, as our British cousins might say. Bush only seems to exhibit that stubbornness when pissing off his own base.

I've lost all confidence in him.

Just about everybody has.

Maybe he'll surprise me, deliver a speech detailing the many ways the Iranians have meddled with our efforts in Iraq, and unleash and unload upon them. Maybe he'll demonstrate himself to be a real President, a real Commander in Chief, a real Texan. But I very much doubt it.

He's oozing weakness. He really ought to resign, and turn the whole thing over to Cheney.

We all know that he ought to have resigned sometime ago, when he privately lost whatever appetite he ever had to close with and destroy the enemies of the United States.

Way too late for the president to compromise and start planning a military withdrawal. I predict that he won't do it.

Mega-dittoes, Bill Kristol. But I fear that Dan is right.

He ought to resign? Because you've "lost confidence" (same phrase, BTW, used incessantly by the couldn't-govern-a-thing liberals who brought down the last Czar, and thus paved the road for the Bolsheviks) in the executive officer duly elected by the people of the United States?

Get serious, Dan. A lot more is at stake in this than you seem to acknowledge--your attitude, if it became widespread, would destroy our Constitutional goverenment. Oh, yes, let's ask our presidents to resign whenever the polls put them below 30%. Oh, yes, let's reward the non-stop-attack-politics of the Dems and the MSM,, and pledge to do the same when they get a president elected. Just great.

Yes, he ought to resign. Not just because I've lost confidence, BUT BECAUSE HE'S LOST CONFIDENCE, in himself, in his agenda, in his team, in his ability to guide events.

He's a comprehensive failure right now. And we all know it.

He's a PUBLIC servant. At the time that he is no longer capable of rendering the public the service that public deserves, then at that point he needs to go.

He needs to go.

This isn't about personal loyalty to him. This is about something that transcends him, me, his family, my family, and that's the country. The COUNTRY COMES FIRST. If that means that it becomes his duty to resign, then he should resign.

This war has to be won. He's not winning it. Moreover, he's not likely to pursue the war with the vigor necessary for victory.

He's got to go.

The collapse of the Bush presidency, and the determination by the Democratic Congress to destroy it completely, is a fair argument for a parliamentary system. It may be that ours really doesn't work any more.

I disagree. I'm not advocating a Parliamentary system, nor am I intending that when I demand that the President resign.

The President is no longer the man he was when he sought reelection. His Bush doctrine has been cast aside. It's as I've said before, his appetite to wage war on the enemies of this country is effectively gone. All he's doing now is trying to "hang on" in Iraq.

That's not what we want. We're not interested in hanging on to anything, except the enemy. For the purposes of completely obliterating him.

Ever since we've entered Baghdad, Bush has gone over to the tactical, operational and strategic defensive. He's delivered initiative over to our enemies, not just on the battlefield, but across the wider battlespace.

In war, commanders are apt to be replaced. When they're no longer effective. That's the situation we have with Bush.

BUSH HIMSELF is the main impediment to closing with the enemy.

That's why Bush has got to go.

Though I've used the term "confidence," I'm not intending that the United States embrace a process where "confidence" votes can be made against a President. What I'm intending is that in this unique situation, where we have a President whose entire administration is out to lunch, that the Party leadership demand his resignation.

For the good of the country, for the war effort, for the best interests of the Republican Party, it's time that this man be sent to Crawford, where he can mountain bike and clear brush.

But leave killing the enemy to those with the nerve and the appetite for the job.

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