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RIP Ingmar Bergman

Here are some witty and interesting thoughts from Woody Allen on Ingmar, including his terrible and largely undeserved troubles with the tax man. I can honestly say that Bergman’s teaching style didn’t fit my learning style, but even I can see he was an artistic genius.

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Maybe fit my learning style a little more, at least at the time--and I am older than Peter. I remember his portrayals of women above all--he brought everything out in them--in the silences. All of them were extraordinarily beautiful--Liv Ullman the last. RIP

I did notice the women. But let me big more precise: Bergman clearly dealt with the big issues like love, death, family, God et. etc. in profound and often quite unfashionable ways. But I learned about more by reading critical commentary rather than really seeing what he had in mind for myself in the films.

I watched his movies as if they were books and paintings at the same time, so nearly like reading a story was the experience. Peter, commentary might have told you what you were "supposed" to see, but as in any art, where it dances your mind is the important thing. I confess to not having watched his movies for a long time, and maybe I will have less patience than I did then. The Virgin Spring made me ill, but I was impressed to be so moved. The Silence, Wild Strawberries, Cries and Whispers there are images and parts of those that are still vivid in my mind twenty-five years later. I know what movies I will be watching into the fall.

Could someone please post on Alaska Senator Ted Stevens having his house raided by the FBI in a corruption investigation? I want to luxuriate in the arms of sweet Mistress Schadenfreude.

I hope they house him with a 6'5" biker named Thor. Bridge to nowhere? Oh no my friends, the the bridge to FCI Sheridan

4: Why in God's name do you think you can come onto a thread that has nothing to do with your topic -- and not only inject something utterly irrelevant, but express the most vulgar kind of hatred while doing so? You are making an excellent case for censorship (please) on NLT.

Holaritos, folks! It's been some time since I've dropped by with one of my A. Cammy FirstLook™ reviews, but when a film like "I Know Who Killed Me" drops on the unsuspecting heads of American movie-goers, it's a job for Yours Truly in the way that no other job is!

If it featured any other young starlet, the teen-girl-in-danger thriller wouldn't warrant much attention- heck, they're a dime-a-dozen these days. But, Dear Readers, I'm sure you know that we're dealing with something far more extraordinary here. Oh yes, Friendly Friends! That's because IKWKM stars none other than America's favorite lush, Lindsay Lohan!

Yes, that's right, Brosefs and Sisters, Little Miss Drinksalot IS famous for something other than crashing Mercedes and being caught with a bag of Charlie (but not HER Charlie, and not even her pants, if you believe the little trollop- but who does, and why should we? Being perpetually coked up + drunk dudn't usually = veracity, IMHO!) Anyway, that's right, she stars in movies from time to time, though you might not know it from reading all her latest headlines! And this one is a real doozie! IS the young harlot starlet an escaped serial killer's victim with amnesia, or is she the victim's long-lost twin sister? You won't pry the answers from Dear Old A. Cammy Cam, but I implore you to see for yourself.

Sauce Hound, Blow Fiend, Hussy or otherwise, Linds and this movie will knock yer socks off! So whatcha waiting for? Scoot, off to the movie house with you!

It's been a hoot! Till next time, A. Cammy Walker

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