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That’s what the often sensible David Broder is pushing today.

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I agree with the concept of both parties being "equally spent." I do not, however, think the answer is a third party headed by Michael Bloomberg. A third party, perhaps ... but even that's unlikely to succeed, rather it'll merely "change the dynamics" of 2008 and (probably) provide Clinton assistance.

Bloomberg offers nothing substantially different from Guiliani, or for that matter Romney.

At the end of the day, I think a better analysis is this: Americans don't really have a clue what they want. Something other than what they've currently got ... but what that may be, they don't really know.

Peter:...."the often sensible David Broder"???? Sounds to me like you need to spend more time on a treadmill......."getting somewhere." :-)
The potential of a Bloomberg/Hagel pairing makes for interesting Sunday fare for a predictable, stale (read: "doctrinaire liberal") pundit like Broder.
I *do* wonder about the appeal of Sen. Hagel to the voters of Nebraska.

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