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GOP’s opportunity

Andy Busch claims that the upcoming battle on spending is giving the GOP an opportunity "to reclaim their position as a party that can be counted on by mature people to stand athwart fiscal imprudence and onrushing socialism." OK, let’s play some poker. What are the odds that the opportunity will be taken?

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Unfortunately to take the "hold the line against spending" tack after the last several years will certainly appear opportunistic. (Don't we wish it were only a matter of appearance?) Republicans did abandon fiscal prudence in the hope of perpetual reelection and got what they deserved. They didn't just abandon the moral high-ground in this, they sold it in a transparent bid for profit. To take the stand they did was to invite those better at progressive and socialistic politics than themselves back into power. The Republican Party justified the election of Democrats by their fiscal policies.

I do not see how they get that "high ground" back without another election cycle intervening, one with with a field of candidates railing against the party as it has been for the last few years. The Republican Party will have to run against itself, and what a joy that is going to be. Who is out to lead that charge? Incumbents might cry their crocodile tears and beg for forgiveness, but who will believe them? The "coherent, plausible, and principled argument." is impossible to make when principle has been so abandoned. I would be happy to hear the "coherent, plausible" argument made forcibly and persuasively, but at this point Republicans are spitting in the wind.

But this article is cheery, as only a Democrat's whine against Republicans doing something right can be.

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