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Innocents abroad

We’ve been in Europe for a week, and I thought it was time to check in.

A couple of general observations: both Austria (surprisingly) and the Netherlands (unsurpisingly) are more diverse than on my last visit (fourteen years ago). I’ve actually seen more Muslims in Salzburg than in Amsterdam (though mostly of the sort who cover their heads but wear fashionable western dress otherwise).

We haven’t encountered any overt anti-Americanism, not even from relatives.

I guess I’ve been surprised by the lack of obvious security in the train stations. I’ve gone through exactly one metal detector (and that was in the Rijksmuseum).

The Knippenberg family highlights so far have been Delft (lovely town with great squares and churches) and the Maria-Plain pilgrim church outside Salzburg (where my folks were married back in ’55). The latter gives me anecdotal evidence that Catholic piety is alive in central Europe--there was beautiful spontaneous singing, and, gosh, I shook the hand of the Arch-bishop of Salzburg.

More later, probably after we’ve spent some time in Italy.

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Italy! I am envious. Enjoy yourselves. Have a great trip.

Oh no! Austria and The Netherlands have become more diverse!!! How horrible! Don't forget that when you get back you can use Putnam's hot new study to talk about how the influx of non-white people are putting Europe on a path to destruction. Hooray.

Why do you think you can insult one of the providers of this site? Get lost, you little PC punk.

"Why do you think you can insult one of the providers of this site?"

One, I don't see where Kevin insulted Mr. Knippenberg. Two, let's assume he had insulted him. Why, exactly, couldn't he?

Read what Knippenberg said. Then what Rados said. There is no question that Rados insulted him, with no basis. It was pure PC ranting. This site is called "No Left Turns." Unprovoked insults are unwelcome, unprovoked leftist insults are anathema, to what I'm sure are most readers. Perhaps, Morty, you don't know what manners are or what decency is. Maybe you have to grow up with them. Maybe you'll never have them. But in any case, get your sorry butt off this site.

Nowhere in Joe's post did he say that Austria's increased diversity is a problem. Maybe it is, and maybe it isn't, but you're being unfair to claim that he said it. In fact, if you've read this blog over any period of time, you'd know that most of us are, generally speaking, defenders of immigration. We have had long and raucous debate with others who want to close America's borders. But of course you can't be bothered to look at that. You'd rather make cheap shots.

Joe, I spent a semester in Salzburg as an undergraduate in 1987, and had the pleasure of attending Easter Mass at the Maria-Plain church. It was one of the most beautiful and moving services I've ever attended.

I think the writer of this post called his comment an "observation" - There is nothing wrong about what he said.
Mr. Kevin either has a sense of humour that does not translate very well on the WWW or he is a smart ass pig.

I think anyone who read your post is envious of your endeavours - best of luck.

Uncle Joe - I read your blogs more often and I am finding I am more and more interested as I read. I'm glad you guys are having a good time! If you read the comments - say hello!

I don't know whether Austria's increased "diversity" will pose a problem to a country that (in its western part, at least) has been homogeneously Catholic for quite some time. The east has always been more cosmopolitan (accustomed as they were to ruling folks like Schramm). But Austrians have long memories (with a bit of a 20th century lacuna), and they also remember the threat from southeast.

I will close by repeating the longest Austrian curse I know: Himmiherrgottkreuzituerkennocheinmal! Anyone who can make sense of this will get an inkling of the Austrian memory.

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