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The APSA Convention in Chicago

...I’ll be there tomrrow afternoon through Saturday night. On the shameless self-promotion front: I’ll be part of a roundtable on social conservatism Friday morning at 10:15 sponsored by Claremont. And I’ll give a paper on "Building Better Than They Knew Studies" at a panel on John Courtney Murray sponsored by the Catholic Social Scientists at 4:!5 Saturday afternoon. Copies of my new HOMELESS AND AT HOME IN AMERICA will be available the St. Augustine’s Press booth. And my STUCK WITH VIRTUE, ALIENS IN AMERICA, as well as the edition of Brownson with my book-length introduction, will be available at the ISI booth. ISI will also feature the new POLITICAL SCIENCE REVIEWER with the classic articles on post-Straussian studies by our friendly threaders Ralph Hancock and Paul Seaton, as well as an authoritative overview of Strauss’s theologico-political project by Florida’s theologian laureate, Marc Guerra.

If that weren’t enough, the new edition of my PERSPECTIVES ON POLITICAL SCIENCE just appeared in print. It has lots of good articles, including the penetrating comments Michael Zuckert gave on Tom Pangle’s Bible book at last year’s APSA and a fine article on Strauss’s utopianism by our own Ivan the K.

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Peter's right about the new issue of Perspectives, which I received and read yesterday. Zuckert's piece is a keeper (and the editor wisely gave him/it extra space). I'd add that for you Shakespeare lovers (among whom I count myself), Connie Hunt's article on Shakespeare's contribution to English national identity (on the basis of eros, properly understood), as well as an article on the missing vice in the Federalist Papers (sloth!), are worth taking a look at.

To all of you at the APSA: Enjoy. And remember: some of us work for a living.

I echo Paul's comments, especially focusing on the word "work"! I also work. Maybe some of our friends will read about the missing vice on the flight up there! No, I guess not.

I'm happy to PPS is out! I haven't gotten a chance to see it yet (other than my own of course) but I'm looking forward to it, especially after Paul's endorsement. I'm in Chicago at the APSA and will try to make Peter's roundtable in the morning but I might have to leave early to do interview some candidates.

Those of us who work for a living would appreciate APSA updates from time to time.

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