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Studies show (to borrow a line from a colleague) professional theologians like Barack Obama.

Why, one might ask, don’t they heart Huckabee, who seems to be the candidate of moralistic abstemiousness?

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A profession consisting largely of Democrats, plus non-Democrats who are naive about politics. Or that's my guess.

Huckabee is a big-government Republican whose sole contribution to the campaign is to call attention to the (legitimate) economic angst of Middle America. Who cares about his family values if that's the best substantive thing that can be said for him? Admittedly, Huckabee is also a smooth speaker and likeable. That's not good enough, not even close.

I tell you what...Ron Paul is making quite a showing. I will give him the U-tube and Myspace advantage...this guy is hot especially among people who will never vote and certainly aren't registered republicans. Guilliani and McCain...weak. Huckabee is what Ron Paul says conservatives are becomming. And in the south I think that is about are either like Huckabee or like Ron Paul. Watch out for Ron Paul baby!

Not to use too much real political ananlysis (yes I know not often seen on this blog), but Ron Paul has no chance. No one likes him, he's a fringe candidate not even polling. Huckabee has been the one candidate in the GOP to rise up without the money or the media into the top tier. It's now a four man race, and Huckabee has replaced McCain as the fourth man.

Huckabee's accomplishments on the campaign trail without any money are remarkable to say the least. He's up to 14% in one Iowa poll, which has him running third! He's a likeable and well spoken conservative. If you try to stop him, you'll likely get someone far worse.

Lastly, as to this whining about big government dictating moral like smoking, all I have to say is that the history of American conservatism is about controlling morality. Gay marriage, abortion, divorce (ok Reagan blew that one), prohibition. Prohibition is obviously the most closely associated with the anti-smoking movement and look at the conservative religious people who rallied around that. So why shouldn't a conservative and religious person be anti-smoking today. Those who are confused by this only show that they are either not real conservatives, or in the least, do not understand the history of conservatism.

For his moral uprightness, clear rhetoric, and likeability I HEART HUCKABEE!!

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