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An Augustinian response to Lilla

Our friend (we have lots of them) John von Heyking sends along this Augustinian response to Lilla’s argument and commends the conference at which it was presented. The response deserves to be read.    

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It kind of makes Lilla sound like August de Compte...Pluralism is the new religion to be established...and it is an odd negative religion that is of necessity anti-ontological/anti-metaphysical. Does Lilla discuss the three stages of August de Compte? Perhaps man will never have the capacity to reach the third stage until he is augmented by computer chips? The future of this line of thinking is transhumanism...but this is all strange esoteric philosophy/science fiction right?

Comte wrote to the Pope and Grand Mufti of Cairo to inform them that their day in the sun was finished, and that the new era of positivism is upon us. Neo-Comteans are far more polished. They simply want the adherents to these religions to be "integrated" into public schools where they can all celebrate the "winter season" and other bromides of multiculturalism.

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