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Belgian National Identity Is Toast

Not that anyone really cares that much, but relations between the Flemish and the Walloons have turned uglier than ever.

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Yea, but Belgium has the conservative party Vlaams Belang, which has overwhelming popularity. In fact, conservative parties throughout Europe (Attack Coalition (Bulgaria), British National Party, Freedom Party (Austria), Front National (France), Greater Romania Party, Social Alternative (Italy), UKIP (UK)) are dong well. Unlike the tepid neoliberal / neocon GOP, these parties are conservative in the true sense of the word (cf. conservare) in that they want to preserve Western man and his ancestral traditions.

The Vlaams Belang people should just secede and form their own state, separating from the EU. This would be patriotism in the true sense, as the Latin root 'pater' suggests, in that they would be protecting their kith and kin.

For those of us who think decentralization and smallness is inherently better than the modern cobbled together nation state, this is great news. Free the Flemish!. And then on to free the Welsh, the Scottish, the Basque, etc.

Bede, keep in mind that the BNP is opposed to Welsh and Scottish secession. We need regionalist parties like the VB more than nationalist parties like the BNP.

Yes! Great idea! Then it will be even easier for the muslims to conquer Europe! Thank you, both, for revealing more clearly than usual that you believe more in race ("kith and kin") than you do ideas (freedom and liberty) as the basis for a unified, national government. Apparently Europe's bloody history is something we Americans ought to look into if we truly love liberty.

Andrew, the modern nation state is the biggest threat to liberty. That is why it should be dismantled. And an ethnically conscious Europe would be less likely to be hidebound by PC and more likely to do what is needed re. Muslims which is to prohibit Muslim immigration. A Flemish nation would be less likely to do that than a modern Belgium? How do you figure? It is precisely ethnic and hopefully religious consciousness that will allow them to see that Muslim immigration should be curtailed. The Muslims are less of a threat to a big multicult melting pot.

"you believe more in race ("kith and kin") than you do ideas (freedom and liberty) as the basis for a unified, national government"

BTW Andrew, ethnicity, a shared culture, religion and language, a shared history, etc. have been the basis on nationhood since ... oh I don't know ... perhaps ... maybe ... around ... about ... THE BEGINNING OF RECORDED HISTORY and obviously before.

"Ideas" have only been postulated as a basis for nationhood since the French Revolution and then, of course, by the Left. That idea nation called the Soviet Union didn't work out too well did it?

And before you object, America is not an idea nation no matter how hard the neocon Jaffaite crowd wishes it were so.

I don't think secession is so cut and dry with BNP members. From the BNP list was briefly on last year, I gather that some support it and some do not. And even of those who support secession for Scotland, many prefer to keep a loose confederation with the UK. Some BNPers want to maintain a confederation of sorts, while others want to wait it out. Some though, believe that if the rest of the UK begins to become a third-world wasteland like East London, then many will have no choice but to move to a place like Scotland so that Anglos can make an orchestrated stand against the invading third-world hordes.

America is not a nation of ideas? Red Phillips, the American Revolution happened over 200 years ago. It's over. We're not going to become a British Commonwealth based on tradition and common British heritage. The things that you complain of are the things on which America has always been based. I really have a hard time understanding where you're coming from when, since the time of our independence, America has been based upon things which you decry at every opportunity.

And the reason the Europeans are having such a hard time intergrating the Muslim population is precisely because their citizenship policies and national identities are based so much upon ethnicity. In America, if you believe in freedom and liberty (a la the Declaration of Independence) and the rule of law (ie the Constitution) then welcome to America, baby! However, a Turk living in Germany will have a hard time showing German heritage, which is a major factor in gaining German citizenship. It's no different in the rest of Europe. Thus, Muslim youths, with no real hope of becoming French, German, English, etc. turn on their nation of residence.

Andrew: What you're arguing for is left-wing propositionalism, a utopian child of the French Revolution. Here's a good and recent refutation of this wrongheaded view:

Thanks for the heads up, Thomas/Bede/Red Phillips, but I've already checked out your silly one-stop-idea-shop website. You do realize that the French Revolution came . . . after the American Revolution, right? And you never answered my question: what do you want America to become? A British commonwealth? A landed aristocracy? I'm all ears.

We want America to be a particular nation like all others. Not a universalist or idea nation. That the French Revolution happened after the American Revolution is part of the point. Those left-wing ideas have been retrospectively grafted on by liberals and neo-"conservatives."

You say I attack what America is. Wrong. I defend what America truly is, a particular nation, and you defend what a bunch of ideologues claim America is but really is not.

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