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Democrats and the netroots

David Brooks argues that the netroots don’t have much influence in the Democratic nomination process; as Jonah G. points out, these numbers tend to support the Brooks thesis.

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David Brooks is a centrist so he has a vested interest in arguing that centrist policies will carry the day. That said, he is mostly correct.

The question is, is Hillary doing well because most Democrats are centrists and support her centrist policies (not out of the question)? Or is Hillary winning based largely on name ID, and not because the voters necessarily support her centrist ways? (Based on the safe assumption that the vast majority of voters are uninformed.) Or is Hillary winning because the MSM and pundit class have dubbed her one of the top tier and the average guy has trouble knowing even that the other candidates exist, let alone what they stand for.

Contrary to popular belief, the media definitely leans left but is primarily centrist. That is why non-centrists on the left, such as Gravel and Kucinich, get as harsh of treatment (or ignored) the same way Ron Paul does on the right.

Yet the support for Obama is consistent across the mainstream Dem. and the netroot aisle . . . interesting.

Oh, Red . . . you should be happy today. After all, now you've got the Ron Paul girl in your corner.

I am a netroots guy that ultimately believes in the dominance of centrist politics. In truth Hillary will win because she is the most "reasonable" candidate. "reasonable" being accepted orthodoxy. The Netroots are more about changing or moving the "center" or redefining what is held to be reasonable...this takes time. The Netroots=lawgivers. I like guys like Goldwater and Ron Paul...and if I could have it my way(Burger King style) I would blend the two creating a foreign policy that in general stays out of entangling alliances so that when the time is right it goes hard or goes home or possibly both. Decisive full wars. As Bill Clinton said about abortion, so wars should be: Safe, legal and rare. Safe meaning overwelming force with clear objectives. Legal meaning declared. Rare like my steaks...bloody so I can hear a moo!(I jest..Rare means what it really means, and there is no "is" about it.) Strike Hard Copperheads!

Hillary will win the nomination because for all the yelling and screaming from the Democrats about Iraq, their objection was always tactical, not principled. If they can get her in the WH their objections to our presence in the middle east will be very muted.

I am not entirely convinced by Brooks, especially with regard to Congressional Democrats. And I not happy - or even persuaded - that only Hillary can establish herself in the middle, but it's still early. Brooks seems to say it's Hillary v. the field of wackos on security policy. Is Obama a wacko? Biden? Is it true that Republicans would most like to run against her as the Democratic nominee?

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