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Neil Cavuto reports that some Senior Citizens from a Senior Center in New York are protesting the removal of doughnuts. "We’re Seniors, not senile," said one of the protesters. "We’re 75, not 5," said another. I may have to re-think my position on protesting in light of this demonstration. Good grief . . . let them eat cake!

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God forbid people spend their last years eating things they enjoy. If I ever end up in a senior center, I am going to organize field trips to Krispy Kreme.

My dearly departed grandmother (who used to bring us doughnuts every Saturday until she ended up in a home) spent her last few years eating little else--unless you count chocolate bon-bons, cinnamon jelly beans, and coconut cake. For reasons I won't go into in great detail, I think this may have made her care even more difficult for some of her care-givers. But I also think this was part of her own ornery intent. This story made me smile. She would have been out on the front lines!

Soon we'll even be denying doughnuts to our law enforcement officers.

It's ridiculous.

But ANON, did you need to veil your identity for that? Perhaps you work for the Senior Center in question..........

I think I'll go get a donut.

As long as you don't go and blow doughnuts in my face, I won't support a law to restrict there use in public spaces...;)

I am sure that some public interest group will do a study on the dangerous health effects of "second-hand powdered sugar" in the air. Just like the dreaded microwave popcorn aromas, I'm sure it's deadly.

Unfortunately, second-hand health effects are not necessary for do-gooders to ban something. There's no second-hand harm from transfats. They just don't want you eating it, and they don't want you deciding for yourself.

Actually the city of Lawton Oklahoma tried to institute a height and weight requirement that was very similar to the one required by the Army...the end result being that donuts were indirectly "banned" for the larger police and fact most of the force was failling the standard...after some disgruntled noise they made the requirements much more lax.

Second-hand health effects of donnuts? Police too fat and out of shape to persue teenage and millitary hooligans resulting in increased crime...for an overweight soilder eating donnuts may result in discharge according to AR 600-9...discharging experienced soilders who can pass a PT test on the basis of being fat is not a combat multiplier and results in weakened National Defense...NCO positions not optimally allocated to leadership potential since many SPC(p) are not available if flagged under AR 600-9. The Army recognizes that Donnuts may cause externalities. The debate would be if the externalities are exasperated because of policies that combat fatness, or if fatness itself is the externality.

In this case if the owners of the nursing home have a legal obligation to provide for the health of the senior citizens...there is no doubt that from a physical standpoint donnuts and sweets should be eliminated and that moderate physical activities should take place. By banning donnuts and thus getting Senior Citizens moving around to protest the dietician has accomplished both aspects of the mission...her policy resulted in a healthier diet/increased moderate activity and the formation of news bonds and a sense of community among the elderly in question.

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