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Huckabee to Uplift Us All

The new man from Hope calls us to celebrate our verticality with him on a special day. I still say there’s a lot to be said for this smart and inspirational man, although a former Baptist preacher from Arkansas is probably not the ticket to victory this time.

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Huckabee supports the third-world invasion of the U.S., and thus is guilty of treason.

Here's a fine example of paleocon logic. It's okay to own slaves, or to take up arms against one's elected government, but to support any immigration policy apart from fully closed borders is "treason."

My number one priority is to secure America's border. I opposed the amnesty bill that was defeated by the Senate in June.

That is what he says his position is on his web site - I have no idea if it is true, or simply consumption for the "conservative" GOP base...

Christopher: Huckabee has one of the worst immigration records of any Governor in the U.S. It's just empty rhetoric. He completely supports the third-world invasion. I'd never vote for him. If he receives the nomination, I'd vote Constitution Party.

Oleaginous: I don't know of any paleos who want to own slaves. Slavey in the U.S. eventually would have faded away, as it did in Europe, where no left-wing dictator (a la Lincoln) was needed to commit genocide to end it. And to be honest, I don't know a single paleo who wants to take up arms against the government. Most of the paleos I know are MDs, lawyers, and academics - which is why there has been little electoral success; it's been more intellectual than political.

I agree with you, Peter. He's a riveting and engaging and ironic speaker--but it's not a year for a Rep from Arkansas. Maybe alas.

Why is it not the year for a Republican from Arkansas? This makes little sense to me. Because of Bush, we can't go south of the Mason-Dixon anymore? So we need Mitt or Rudy?? This logic is completely failed. You take good guys where you find them, and Huckabee is one of the best.

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