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Harry Jaffa blogs here--this time about the nature of his opposition to our aims in Iraq. I don’t know if this will be a regular addition to The Remedy but I’d recommend it.

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Harry "I support radical breaks from tradition" Jaffa? If ever real conservatives had a dangerous enemy, it is Harry Jaffa.

Surprise, surprise, Jaffa worked in a Lincoln reference.

I will give credit where credit is due. Jaffa deserves credit for understanding that democracy could not be made to flourish in Iraq.

But it needs to be pointed out that the "separation of church and state" that he is praising was not just the result of some liberal notion that that was an unqualified good. It was also based on the fact that there were several Christian denominations that predominated in the various States and regions so one national Church was not workable.

There were established churches and religious tests for office in many States long after the Constitution went into effect at the national level.

The Founders clearly did not intend modern ACLU style separation, and IMO Jaffa inadequately makes this distinction.

Red: I concur.

In my opinion Jaffa is absolutely corect. I like his opening quote of my favorite founder Madison/Federalist 10...the insights into the fundamental nature of factions developed partially within David Hume's epistemology of all places...articlated by Madison in federalist 10 as absolutely fundamental...was also reiterated in On Liberty from a slightly different angle. Jaffa is brilliant. Is Federalist 10 true in a deep and meaningfull way? I say yes.

I agree with you that Madison's observations about factions are sound. Those who believe that a legally privileged status for the two party systems was what the Founder's intended should read it.

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