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I’m proud of my students

Serendipitously today, I had contact with two former students who are both serving in the Army.

I received an email from a young man who graduated in 2000 and joined up after 9/11. He’s on his second tour in Iraq, serving this time as an advisor to the ISF. He’ll be in Atlanta next month, and I’ll share with you anything he’s willing to share with me (and the wider world).

A young woman--currently in the reserves while finishing up law school--visited with a class (after which we had lunch). She has the opportunity, while in law school, to do some work on the Hamdan case, working with this professor. I’m not fully in agreement with what I know of her views on the case, but I respect her immensely, both for her willingness to serve in the military (eventually as a reserve JAG officer) and to take serious and principled positions that might well not be popular with some of her military colleagues. She made a tough choice in school (Oglethorpe isn’t exactly overrun with ROTC students) and another one now.

Say what you want about American higher education, but that such folks come out the other end of the pipeline leaves me with some hope.

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It warms this old Army vet's heart to learn that there are still so many young, thoughful Americans ready and willing to stand up for the greater good of the country, regardles of their personal politics. I only wish our politicians would follow that example.

We happen to have a couple of Army chaplains in the house (i.e., seminary) these days, recruiting for the armed services. I mentioned to one that I was an Army brat (i.e., son of a soldier) and a vet myself (30 years ago). He promptly "thanked me for my service to our country." Took away my capacity of speech for a moment or two.

Say what you want about American higher education, but that such folks come out the other end of the pipeline leaves me with some hope.

Ah yes, but is it because of "the pipeline" or in spite of the pipeline that these good folks come out with the character that they have? Believe it or not, you find a few Christian's at a Unitarian parish. Is that because of their "church", or in spite of?


I can with some confidence say that I contributed to an atmosphere that encouraged--or at least didn't discourage--these youn people. For the most part, character forms in the crucible of family, long before students get to college. We can confirm, strengthen, or undermine it; we can't make it.

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