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Iran and the others

I think that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s visit to New York is much less interesting than what he is up to in the Middle East, even though Bill Kristol is right and everyone should boycott his Columbia talk. What really worries me is that

Charles Krauthammer’s ruminations on Iran and Syria and North Korea (etc.) are close to the truth of things.

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Precisely because Nutjob is making so much trouble, and threatens far more than trouble, in the Middle East, what happens or doesn't happen on his visit to NY is of the utmost interest. It is a window onto the West's will and its understanding of the overall crisis it faces. Or lack thereof. It is not "much less interesting," but equally interesting. In some ways more so.

He shouldn't even be allowed to step on our shores, UN or not.

There will be a lot of folks listening to this nutjob at Columbia.

A lot of Americans like anything that is against America.

So, I'm glad that Columbia is open to "all ideas" and rejects a great organization like ROTC and all of its "views." I guess some opinions - like those of a terrorist leader - are more equal than others - like our own military.

The world will little note not long remember whether or not Ahmadinejad goes to the WTC or Columbia. It's a bit embarrassing that the right wing blogs are working themselves into a frenzy about this

The "frenzy" as you term it is not about the visit per se. It transcends the actual visit. A member of the Ivy League, which upon a time, would not have allowed such a creature to stroll their campus, now seeks out a creature wholly and irrevocably hostile to EVERYTHING they represent and represented. That needs to be repeated to be understood. EVERY SINGLE VALUE that Columbia University stands for is opposed root and branch by the dirtball from Iran. Thus what we see is an institution that once possessed moral and cultural certitude, now posses none. That is what is being decried.

The dirtball's visit is nothing less than a barometer on where we are, or rather, where we aren't in the overall war against muslim mayhem.

In yesteryear, our nation didn't hesitate to brand dirtballs "dirtballs." Noriega, "Papa Doc," Castro, Honecker of East Germany, Mugabe, Arafat: such creatures were rightly outside of polite society. Former leaders of South Africa would never have received such an invitation, nor would a Pinochet, or a Franco. But now? Arafat was the most frequent guest of Clinton. Mugabe still kills at will. What jury did Honecker ever face? And Castro still preens and sneers for a media that in their supreme confusion lionize him.

The visit of the dirtball is additional evidence of a widespread moral, cultural and intellectual dry rot.

And all of us should rightly ask ourselves what such a visit, what such an invitation betokens for the future?

It does not betoken well.


"The dirtball's visit is nothing less than a barometer on where we are, or rather, where we aren't in the overall war against muslim mayhem."

I would actually put it further, that is, the visit is a barometer of where are in our health of a nation in relation to our elites, which it appears we are very sick.

Why? Because while we work ourselves into a frenzy over this nonsense, we are ignoring the genuine deterioration of America.

For example, New York State has announced that it will now give drivers licences to illegal immigrants. All they need is a passport or birth cert from their home country.

But the right is more preoccupied with symbolism than with substance. Maybe conservatism really is merely an irritable mental gesture.

BOTH need to be addressed immediately. We can't ignore foreign affairs while we navel gaze. Nor can we obsess over international events whilst oblivious of those much closer to home.

This isn't an either or situation. It's much more momentous than all that.

What can the right or Conservatives or Republicans do about New York?

Run as Democrats/liberals?

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