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Is Fred in Over His Head?

Dick Morris provides a lot of evidence that he is. Certainly Fred has looked strangely clueless so far when not relying on a prepared text. My own view is that he’s smarter than he’s sounded, and he might still get himself up to speed. He needs to work very hard and very fast, because he really, really wants to be president. According to Dick, the only plausible Republican candidates are McCain and Giuliani, because the only plausible Republican issue is being tough on terrorism. He also thinks Hillary will probably win. I agree with him on the the latter point, but not the former.

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I regret that ">">"> this is out of context, but here's Michael Gerson on Republicans and immigration.

Morris is not exactly a non-partisan observer.

Unless the GOP manages to run on something other then terrorism, it is going to get spanked hard. There are no shortage of other issues out there. But the party maintains its myopic focus on Iraq to the exclusion of all else.

Yes, Thompson is undoubtedly out of his depth.

Thompson adopts the persona of a man from the sticks, offering homespun common sense.

Whereas in fact, he's as establishment as you can get.

And as such, he's by definition over his head.

It's the foreign policy establishment of the United States that landed it in this mess, and that establishment hasn't a clue how to steer itself clear.

And if we go with Giuliani, we will win.

A year long race between a Hillary without resume, and Giuliani, with a resume a country-mile long, will inexorably result in the election of Rudy Giuliani as the 44th President of the United States.

I had hopes for Thompson, but pretty much wrote him off as a mirage when I learned that he is being advised by Mary Matlin, bride of Carville. She has always struck me as a near-empty-headed, time-serving, cliche-spewing, fee-driven, hack political operative. Also, what sort of track record does she have that would have induced Thompson to hire her? My recollection is that she was involved in the triumphs of Bush I in 92 and Dole in 96.

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