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More on Hillary Care

The always delightful Mark Steyn chimes in and in pitch perfect tone. He includes some interesting and compelling statistics about who exactly constitutes this massive class of the "uninsured."

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This is Billy Kristol all over again. I don't think it is going to work this time. This issue is real, and a sensible Democratic proposal -- there are several -- can beat the libertarian no-no.

Thanks for the link, Julie. Steyn is illuminating and seriously funny, as usual. And his linking of "the universal human desire for freedom" to the health insurance issue is brilliant. (Too bad the increasingly-willing-to-pander Republican Party doesn't emphasize the connection.) Not so fast, Steve. Steyn is on to something. If Laura Ingraham's book continues to build momentum (they were flying off the table at my local Costco last week), Steyn's {albeit} anecdotal "thermometer" bears watching.
We can legislate entitlements to our grasping heart's content....until....the Chinese take away our checkbook. Screw their Army (which greatly concerns me); it's their Finance Minister who will decide whether we get Hillary-care Redux in '09 and beyond.

Dionne would, as usual, benefit from reading Steyn.

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