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On Russian men, women loving pink, and older men

The Economist is often worth looking at and reading into. For example, this article on how Russia is becoming the neo-KGB state; and more on the siloviki. Not good news, especially for Russians.

Then there is this article, on research showing that women love shopping and were better than men at finding certain kinds of food, and they prefer reddish hues, which may have to do with gathering fruit. It also seems to be the case that women prefer older men. I didn’t say old. I said older. And, by the way, none of this has anything to do with Fred Thompson.

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Research that woman love shopping?

What was once common knowledge is now rediscovered via research.

Peter, do they like OLDER men with a REDDISH hue? Gee, I think I know someone who fits that description. How about pencil necks?

Tony, does your reddish hue indicate ripeness?

One key issue for women is security. For the younger woman, even one with a career, the security of marriage is key. Marriage to an older man can provide a younger woman with security that is not only financial, but also emotional, in that she has less worry that he will go looking for someone younger, since he has someone younger. Younger men or men the same age as the woman are, these days, often unlikely to commit and provide that security. An older man offering marriage seems a better prospect to a young woman than the men of her age who, for whatever reason, do not.

I was speaking of Peter - I'm a thirty-seven-year-old with olive Italian skin.

Kate, beyond the issues of security that you list earlier, would you say that the emotional maturity of older men can be appealing to women?

I'm now 47, and I can look upon 20-somethings with an eye seasoned by years of distance. I'm astonished at how generally immature young men are compared to the women they're with. Why in the world do the girls put up with such foolish brutes?

P.S. -- no, I'm not in the market for a younger woman. My lovely bride of equal age would let me know in no uncertain terms the unacceptability of that. I shall stay put! :-)

Don, yes, that is sometimes true. But does that bring into question the emotional maturity of an older man who finds a girl appealing as a life-partner?

I am an "older" woman, or really am simply old. As you say is the case with your wife, much younger than I, the wife who has been a wife for some years can become defensive on this topic. Not that we do not look around at young stunners and know the appeal there. Yet, I look at younger men and gag at the thought of a sexual encounter with one, no matter how handsome they are or how otherwise pleasing. Maybe it is that I have sons. They all resemble my sons, to me.

Finally, girls put up with foolish brutes because that is what available to them, all too often and sometimes the brutes are handsome. Doubtless, you had an emotional maturity when you were young. Or perhaps you were both older when you met your wife.

To the confessedly green Tony; then your comment perhaps did indicate ripeness, but of Peter, not of yourself.

Being nasty? I'm just doing some bantering with Peter as we did for many years over at Ashbrook. Gheesh.

NO! I was playing with the words and ideas of green in an olive complexion, the color of fruit and ripeness as related in the article, but also youth and age and yes, bantering too, but never to be nasty!

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