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Sarkozy interview

This interview with President Sarkozy of France is worth reading. His first to an American paper (NY Times).

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At first, I was impressed by Sarkozy, especially his commitment to deport third-world invaders from France and his commitment to pull France out of insane free-trade agreements. (Historically conservatives have opposed managed free trade, but GOPers have been "neoconned" on this issue.) Now, however, Sarkozy is beginning to sound more like a neocon, especially his rhetoric about bombing Iran, which French conservatives know unnecessary. Most European conservatives, like American paleoconservatives, know that if we want to end terrorism, we should (1) end all immigration from the third world, (2) deport all Muslims from the West, (3) withdraw from the Middle East, and (4) give no aid to any Middle Eastern country, including Israel.

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