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This very interesting NYT account portrays Senator Thompson as having been very thoughtful and not lazy at all. His reflections on the tough call that was his vote to convict Clinton are subtle and true to the facts. He has spun his views to make himself seem more conservative now than he was then, but all along he’s been a true friend of federalism. Thr remarkably self-examined Fred had good reasons for wanting to leave the senate. But they also suggest that he doesn’t really want to enter the White House. All in all, this article elevates my opinion of Fred the man, but maybe at the expense of Fred the candidate.

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I was always suspicious of the lazy charge...from the perspective of hyperactive political life a kind of intellectual meandering, as human as it is, looks lazy by comparison. I think there's no other big ticket candidate on either side with Thompson's penchant for intense, even occassionally excessive circumspection but that can also come across as unprincipled or indecisive.

Not to be repetitive, but I'll just copy paste this one; maybe something Fred would do?

Just because a candidate can deliver an eloquent sentence about limited government and federalism at the time of the founding, does not mean a dang thing. We don't live in 1776 anymore, and our Constitution is not what it was in 1789 either. The Civil War and the 14th Amendment make time spent discussing which candidate has the best understanding of federalism a true waste.

No state shall enforce any law that does not comport with due process and all rights granted by the United States Constitution, as judged by the National government. No President will change that.

Federalism, RIP 1865

I particularly like his reasoning recounted here on the Clinton impeachment.

And Clint, get real. Read Martha Derthwick on why federalism still matters.

I think I'll pass for now Carl and content myself with considering the 14th Amendment and its applications in REAL LIFE rather than some persons IDEA, wholly unconnected with what is practiced.

But they also suggest that he doesn’t really want to enter the White House.

To me, and I suspect to others, that is a plus.

I think all of us know or deeply suspect that Thompson is a fraud, who is playing an outside the beltway role, coupled with some homespun.

After George Herbert Walker Bush, and then George Walker Bush, the absolute last thing our party needs is another fraud. We can outlive defeats, but we can't outlive another Rockefeller Republican. We can't outlive someone who signs with great fanfare a bill to secure the country, then months later tries to bring in half of Mexico, {and that's not an exaggeration by the by...}.

Bush and his ilk used the base of the party, all the while privately deriding it. It's not a mere case of political prevarication. It's a matter of honour. It's a question of character. When you're DELIBERATELY deceiving millions, nay, TENS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE, over issues of great moment, then we're talking sin. Serious sin.

I especially liked the Edmund Burke quote: “Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgment; and he betrays instead of serving you if he sacrifices it to your opinion.”

We need more politicians with the courage to echo this sentiment. Give me a Thompson over a Guilliani any day of the week.

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