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Yet Another Reason Why I Don’t Want My MTV

Tila Tequila. What ever happened to music videos?

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I think one would be hard pressed to name anything that has been more corrosive to our national fabric than MTV has been over the past 20 years.

I'm completely serious.

How about television in general? I think it was Theodor Adorno who said there are only two reasons why television exists: 1) to sell you something and 2) to get you to watch more.

I'm with Matt, but of course it's hopeless.

I agree that television in general is horrible. I find myself watching just a handful of channels -- FoodTV, and some of the wonderful "Modern Marvels" shows about big earth moving equipment and trains and such. :-)

But in my mind I see MTV as being the spark that ignited the race to the bottom. It started out being just videos; then racy videos; then other programming; and now if you watch MTV you won't hardly see a single video, but what you will see is some of the most awful, degenerate, mind-numbing and corruptive stuff imaginable. When I happen to come across a bit of it, I sit slack-jawed in stunned amazement.

If one were to boil down the essence of the Biblical teachings on the life God intended for us, then do the exact opposite ... that would be the lifestyle championed by MTV. (And increasingly, VH1 as well.)

Fred Allen once observed that "Television is called a medium because nothing is well done".

To quote John Derbyshire, "Pop culture is filth."

Buy the mug.

What's so offensive about dating shows? It just seems like mindless, but inoffensive, entertainment to me. Unless, of course, this is just the right's homophobia flaring up again...

Buu wrote: "Unless, of course, this is just the right's homophobia flaring up again..."

Hardly. The shows I have in mind are mostly the "Real World" type of shows. Ostensibly heterosexual, it portrays relationships in ways the left ought to denounce: the women largely objectified; the men out to use the women for their own physical pleasure; the women shown to be foolish, weak, and dependent.

So, Buu asks: "What's so offensive about dating shows?" Nothing, if the message you want sent is that women are little more than warm holes to be used and discarded. Is that what you want, Buu?

I keep finding myself thinking the lyrics of Aerosmith's Living on the Edge..."There's something wrong with the world today
I don't know what it is
Something's wrong with our eyes.
We're seeing things in a different way
And God knows it ain't His
It sure ain't no surprise
We're livin' on the edge..."

No one can really figure out the rules to this game known as life, I am not sure if the grand narrative would have it as comedy or tragedy...what I do know is that self-referentially Tila Tequilla doesn't see things the way Don in AZ does, all she knows is that she is popular and sexy...and she is trying to take it to the bank, so to speak.

MTV was always purposefully corrosive to the national fabric. MTV is Mandragola Telivision. A series of Machiavellian plays designed specifically to uproot and mock traditional christian and non-christian morality. It has always been about seeing things in a different way...specifically seeing man and woman as slaves to sexual appetites. The Ultimate reality that MTV shows us is that man is a horny bastard...and woman to "man as a horny bastard" is nothing more than a "warm hole to be used and discarded". MTV is about fabricating new modes and orders, laying down the "new rules" for the "new game". And all these reality shows are really about how rules and boundaries are established and how people manuver and manipulate the rules to get the conquest that they want. In other words it is about showing how everything is just a front a pretense. No "ends" or teleology exists which is not itself a means to gratification. Everything is subordinated to winning, but everyone is on the show for a slightly different reason and everyone has different boundaries they aren't willing to cross in order to achieve certain ends.

The question being answered on MTV is: what is your soul? what are the boundaries you are unwilling to cross to achieve certain ends? What are you loyal to? What do you really believe? What aspects of you are not hypocritical, not subordinate to pleasure, sexual gratification, or the allure of prize money?

Far from being mindless TV, MTV is really asking the fundamental question from different angles...namely: What really rules you?

If you don't like the answers often given by the foolish I don' at least have to reflect on this thought by Mark Twain's archangel Satan(The MTV Lawgiver) "But the Bible doesn't allow adultery at all, whether a person can help it or not. It allows no distinction between goat and tortoise--the excitable goat, the emotional goat, that has to have some adultery every day or fade and die; and the tortoise, that cold calm puritan, that takes a treat only once in two years and then goes to sleep in the midst of it and doesn't wake up for sixty days."

John Lewis wrote: "Far from being mindless TV, MTV is really asking the fundamental question from different angles...namely: What really rules you?"

Exactly correct. And the implication is: Whatever provides the greatest sensual pleasure. Every one of their shows seems to focus on short term sexual gratification. It's more than just because "sex sells" on TV. It's what they really believe should rule a person.

VH1's show "Rock of Love" exemplifies this. The parameters of Bret Michael's "search for love" is pathetically focused on the selfish and the physical.

Channel 5 here in Los Angeles has multiplexed its digital signal and now offers a channel which is all music videos, called TheTube. I'm falling in love with videos all over again.

Why even host the VMAs if you don't show any music videos?

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