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Aspiring Novelist Turns Cannibal

This gruesome story demonstrates why our intellectual habits may be at least as important as our other habits in forming our character. If you fill your mind with horror and despair it is not surprising if, eventually, you begin to act it out. It’s not impossible to resist it, of course, but it takes more fortitude than many (including this guy) can muster.

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That is what eros run amock will do to you... all the more reason to forget the humanities and have a nation of engineers. Viva Hobbes.

John -

I know a few people at Case who might disagree. Though it seems that we in the humanities are more creative...

I was being a little sarcastic. One could say a lot of things... for example one could say that a nation that is only engineers would simply ensure that the trains run on time... even if they are full of human meat. The engineers might want to know why they are being wrongly accused of indifference to moral questions... If so the engineers might utter a single name standing in place of an argument: Heiddeger.

"Agriculture is now a motorized food industry, the same thing in its essence as the production of corpses in the gas chambers and the extermination camps, the same thing as blockades and the reduction of countries to famine, the same thing as the manufacture of hydrogen bombs."

I think we need to try to better understand the needs of the homovoric community. Who are we to judge a person's lifestyle choices?

Good point Cameron, as the nephew of of a modern day american farmer I suppose that my familly takes part in the motorized food industry that is essentially like the production of corpses in gas chambers. If I can't morally object to those who eat the pigs grown on my fathers farm (and not being muslim or jewish I can't) I suppose I can't find fault in those who put human corpses to good use by eating them.

At some point today I will feel bad for trashing Heiddeger...but since I have been reading animals rights material and arguing on a stupid forum with a bunch of continentals trying to persuade me that my eating steak causes them to see the Holocaust on a plate...well I will let the comment stand.

The justification for Heiddeger's comment from the anti-meat continentals by the way is that our souless engineering of everything...turning things into factories and viewing people as imputs in production...was similar to our objectification of that in the end it allows us to feel comfortable about eating them. So it is the Hobbesians who are the Cannibals...we all know Hitler was an aspiring engineer(he wanted to be an artist? Shh! you are ruinning a good story.)

At least he was in Mexico and not here as an illegal alien eating Americans.

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