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Evangelicals and Romney

Apparently at least some evangelical leaders can see past Romney’s past (not to mention his Mormonism). They also know that supporting a third party in ’08 would be disastrous.

My guess is that James Dobson knows that too, but is making noises now in order to try to influence the calculations about electability that lead many to tilt toward Giuliani. Does anyone else think that focusing so much on Giuliani’s alleged electability is reminiscent of the Democratic calculations about John Kerry in 2004?

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Unless a true patriot tough on immigration (e.g. Tancredo, Paul or Hunter) gets the nomination, I'll be voting Constitution Party. Immigration is the greatest issue of our age, as foretold in the conservative classic Camp of the Saints. We can either take a stand, or watch our country become a third-world sewer.

I think Dobson is entirely serious and sincere, although I do think preemptively vowing not to support Rudy was a calculated strategic move, and a wise one.

Remember, James Dobson is on record that he voted for Howard Phillips in '96.

This is what I said that Christian conservatives/conservatives should do a long time ago. Instead of making arguments for why Giuliani might be acceptable when he clearly isn't, they should throw down the gauntlet. If he gets the nomination, we walk. That way they have more power and influence than they do by indicating before hand that they would support Rudy if he is the nominee.

I think the likelihood that Dobson would acquiesce and support Rudy is zero. The question is how hard he would work against him.

So, what's this new party going to be called? Too bad "Taliban" is already taken.

Red makes a good case. Unfortunately, many aren't just saying "no Rudy no never" for bargaining purposes, and the rhetoric of many of those who are is being taken too much to heart. But here's hoping the "moderate social-con cop/die-hard social-con cop" routine works with Rudy, if alas, he becomes the nominee.

P.S. Anyone interested in the Sabato proposals, let me know what you think of my growing list of objections below.

The Evans (and Dobson) are making a huge mistake. IF they do what they can to tank Giuliani, they will be not more powerful, but even more marginalized should he win. This is a big gamble on behalf of this thing called the Arlington Group. According to the Hill, Perkins and Bauer have already had second thoughts. In the end, I think far more Evans than expected will find a way to support Giuliani should he get the nod. Red, therefore, I think is incorrect. Dobson may bolt, but the other members of the AG are already having second thoughts--or are moderating their position.

One other thing: IF Giuliani does get elected with Evan support, he will be indebted to them in a way Hillary (or any present Dem candidate) will never be.

Mr. Knippenberg uses words like "disastrous" to describe, what exactly? Having a liberal republican as opposed liberal Democrat in the White House? Conservativism is not synonymous with the GOP. What exactly has the GOP delivered as far as conservative governance? Evangelicals, conservatives, heck everyone, is better off not supporting the status quo and staying home (or better, going constitutional party) rather than delivering the country to yet another liberal GOP. Give us an honest liberal, like Hillary first!!

Erik says it will be a "huge mistake" to allow an honest liberal instead of a dishonest one in the white house. Erik apparently is not all that into the virtues...;)


I haven't decided how I'll vote in the primaries, but it seems to me that a second Clinton presidency (with a Democratic Congress) can't be good for conservatives. While it is possible that the Democrats will overreach and that there will be a national backlash in favor of conservatives, I'm not counting on that. I do, however, expect that a couple of crucial and longstanding judicial nominations would be made, regardless of what happened at the polls in 2012.

It's unfortunate that judges are so important, but they are, and Republicans are much likelier to nominate ones with whom I can live. Hence I will not be sitting on my hands or throwing away my vote next year, regardless of what James Dobson advises.

Of course another Democrat as President will not be good for conservatives or even the GOP.

Republicans are much likelier to nominate ones with whom I can live.

The history of the Supreme Court suggests otherwise.

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